God is from an earlier universe


I am no one.  Disabled for most of adult life, time passes extremely slow, and I sleep little due to pain.  Resultantly I reside mostly in my mentality rather than activity.  Since time passes so slowly, (and yes, miserably) I have lived, thought, considered, collated, theorized, read, for the equivalent of lifetimes.    It is a distraction par excellence. Little here to distract me from it, I am poor company for a mate. Lots of tossing and turning, and suchlike.

In common conversation, most will find my discussions interesting but not relevant to their next meal, date, amusement, or need.   I think of the big questions that make no one money, or get anyone laid, because I can, and no one else appears to be.  Actually, it is mental inertia that causes me to think and ponder as I do, frankly.

As the years pass, this seems to be changing, a convergence of thought and ideas are occurring.  Many people are saying and expressing what I have long been ruminating about.

I have long stopped being paranoid when I think or say some unique new idea or theory and it pops up on the news or other TV show or radio program that evening.

Does this kind of thing happen to YOU?  It might so regularly you havent been noticing it.  What is it?   I suspect it is a repair process taking place- as we intermingle our DNA by having kids who have kids, etc, as long as we do not interbreed, the errors of DNA are minimized.  

As this purification occurs, we become more alike, and thus think more alike.  I guess America has something with that whole melting pot thing, eh?

As you might guess, I am not racist, and think the best thing all of us can do for Humanity is hook up with someone from another race- but that is surely another story!

There is a movie I found profoundly illuminating- moreso than the creators evidently realized:   We are all linked in the Submicroscopic Universe.  (I hesitate to use the proper term: Quantum Physics)

Movie name: What the Bleep Do we know?  (see whatthebleep.com)

The rules of the universe we know (time, newton, gravity, etc) simply do not apply to the submicroscopic, quantum universe.  Think:  Everything of the universe gets microscopic, when you look at the entire universe, it is all entirely composed of tiny particles playing by rules we can barely start to figure out- it is as if it is the year 1500 all over again, when it comes to understanding physics at the submicroscopic level. 

This means the whole universe we see has rules we cannot figure out, and yet we CAN figure out, and empower ourselves to (if modern discoveries are any indication at all) travel through the universe instantly, outside of time, go backward in time,  have doorways that open on earth and one step leads one to- anywhere, like Sirius, or the center of some other galaxy.   Hey this is not me talking, those of you paying attention to the science channel, or Discovery, are nodding your heads in agreement as you read this.

Additionally, what is implied by these quantum physics revelations of late I can put into one sentence, and save you considerable study:

You are what you think.  The universe becomes what you consistently believe it to be.  (Er, Tom Cruise and his gang at Scientology might be onto something!)(too rich for my blood tho!)

I have been thinking, questioning, everything.  At age 8 I started working alone in a wrecking yard, learning how every part of a vehicle works, from the carburetor, to the electronics, inside the transmission, the rubber, plastics, glass, metals, glues, screws, on and on.  For example, I was amazed one could heat up metal, then turn off the heat, and blow air on metal, and one could cut a very long line in thick steel!  Imagine!  (oxidation cuts iron heat only melts it)

This unseemly job built in me a solid groundwork of the mechanical world around us.  I like to think I got my degree in physics when I turned 18 and still had my 10 fingers and toes, with both eyes still good (Maybe you have to think about that one) .

When computers and solid state devices came onto the stage, I was lucky to come across an encyclopedia set, which described to me in vivid detail all that works in that arena also that was known in the late 70’s. Reading about petroleum distillation was staggeringly enlightening, while simultaneously troubling, as we use dead leaves and dinosaurs to rub on our dry skin (Vaseline) and same dead stuff to wash our hair (head and shoulders).. oh the list is so long it would astound you- lets not go into the drugs made from oil, or Lanolin… Hey, be careful where you put lanolin, okay?  (wink!)

Herein is what I have come to discover, and I welcome you to reference your own thoughts, musings, realizations, convictions, and see if they meet and match up well with what I have to say here.  Notice I have nothing to gain, nothing to sell, will never even know you read this.  This is your assurance I am being my brightest for the benefit of everyone- and not for me.

In 6th grade, a collection was being made at my Catholic school, for the african people starving- roughly 1973.  The fact of too many people for the food available was mentioned.   Since I had just learned my mother used birth control I instantly suggested, innocently, that we should send birth control pills, not food, since if we feed them, they will feel better, not have to work, stay home and have the ability and time to have more hungry children.   My father was a real pragmatist, and I guess some of that was put in me.

Perhaps you realize I became quite unpopular.  Words like “racist” “genocide” were cast my way that day.   To this day, though I understand their reasoning, I remember how the truth is not always what seems nicest, sometimes it is a cold, hard thing, with nothing happy or pleasant in it.   A sharp blade is a truth like that- it cuts great, but not always the way you think it should.  

Since the day I made the statement, millions of africans have come into existence, suffered horribly, and died miserable, young, wastefully and certainly the problem is much worse now for our food sent.    

This experience caused me to be unafraid to think about my religious teachings as well intentioned and valid, but incorrect in the meanings Man ascribes them.  This opened the way for me to learn to think totally for myself.   

In 9th grade, the immaculate conception issue was (again) brought up around christmastime.   I asked the Nun: “Does that mean Jesus is half God and half Human? (the cold, hard mechanic asking the obvious question)  The answer was an unqualified “Yes!” and so I thought a moment and asked if Jesus had a lot of children.   My momentary blissful acceptance turned dark and mean instantly:  “Jesus is the son of GOD and he had NO children!” .  Taken aback, and wanting to make good again, I humbly said “I only thought Jesus would help us by having as many children with as many women as possible, then the Good of God would be in all of us thousands of years later”.  ( I took the “Blood of Jesus” thing a step too far for comfort)

I spent the rest of THAT day in the principals’ office. 

So let us turn to my view of where man comes from, then move towards God’s homeland.    The clues do not come from me, but from History.   Remember the efficient way to put a puzzle together?  One puts all the water pieces in once place, the tree pieces in another, and the land pieces in yet another.   Then one picks up a corner piece, and finds its match, etc. This is how I approached history and what all the religious, historical, mythical stories are really about- just puzzle pieces to be looked at carefully, individually.

I started by picking out the corners, the hard facts, the big meanings, the bright points, and studiously avoiding trying to guess where they go- I just move them around till they fit into place by themselves.

So I never thought much about Atlantis.  Barely know about Plato.

I DID sit up and take note when the complicated brass clock found just offshore near Cleopatra’s palace on the sea was shown on the Discovery Channel.  (found in recent years)  It appears a clump of coral, but Xray reveals a very old (ie 3000+ year old) clock with gears and the expected axles, springs, etc!  In my lifetime Cleopatra has gone from being a mythical, fictitious, person to a real person of accepted history.  Following this trend outwards, it seems many characters of Greek and Roman mythology were quite real, along with their technology.  

There is also the evidence of small DC batteries by the Egyptions.  Von Daniken was the first to mention it that I heard, but not the only one.    They sit in a museum somewheres, that is good enough for me.

Mentally graphing out the last 13000 years in timeline form, I found a pattern where there was a time where Man lived much longer, was much more likely to be in contact with “God” and where “God” seemed a lot more personally involved in individual mens and womens lives.  Man appeared to have done some…herculean… accomplishments- making a boat hundreds of yards long (sure, we can again do that today) for one stout example.

I particularly like when Moses was directed to build a giant, charged capacitor and carry it across the desert for 40 years- 6000 years ago!

The bible clearly describes the method and parts to build this Capacitor (ark of the covenant) (C’mon, surely you saw Indiana Jones!) and it is clearly, indubitably, in electronic terms, a GIANT electronic Capacitor (battery of sorts) so someone above in the heavens (Sky) could follow their…trek… and shower manna (food) from heaven so they could survive.  

How could someone in space (oops, Sky) (oops, Heaven) follow a group of humans if they carry along a giant, hunkingly heavy, charged, capacitor?  Easy! Bounce a radio or radar signal at the ground, and when you find (the one capacitor on the planet of ANY size) a signal that harmonizes back to the source of the signal- that is the ark and the humans with it.  Feeding time!  Heat up the air with your radar, and the microscopic bacteria and suchlike die, get heavy, fall like rain, stick together and Whalla! Manna!

 Oh, need a bit more?  If any man touches the ark, except with wooden poles, he will surely die (and the bible accounts reveal men DID die from touching it- instantly, pissed off Moses, as I recall). 

I find it quite interesting the best high-voltage technicians use wooden poles to touch high voltage wires without getting shocked in the modern day.  Some tools never really change, they just change purpose.

Also what appears on my own mental timeline is the gigantic black hole of “Low Technology” from the years (roughly) 100 BC to 1600 AD.  Yah, yah, I know, the renaissance.   So what, someone learned to paint, make war better.  No Steam engine, no Printing press, for hundreds of years later. 

Throwing up this timeline in your own mind, does it not, all by itself, lend evidentiary (not circumstantial) evidence for a more technically evolved culture before the year 100 BC?

Why the big flat spot in history, where the Wheel was the ultimate tool?  Your guess is surely better than mine.  Seems, though, our DNA was still not recovering, but the shreds of the ancient technology were just totally forgotten- except for the tatters of spiritual knowledge, preserved as mythology, religion, and historical accounts.

Now, lets take a step to the side, to create some perspective.  Lets try a little sharpshooting with a shotgun of little facts. 

1) All religions hate each other, yet most come from the same books, the torah, the bible, the koran, and others, all contain “the old testament” (first four books of bible) though they vary somewhat due to language, and being apart, varying over millenia and translation (think what an open minded person with a computer could do just by taking all of these versions and pitting them against each other, to reveal one true Bible!) (Bible means literally “Book”)

Personally, I find it apropo that all religions think the others are evil- that is what like peoples do on this earth-  Northern Ireland hates Southern,  Jews hate arabs,  Japanese hate Chinese, the more alike a race, the more hatred traded.  Must have some survival value, methinks- keeps everyone on their toes evolutionarily speaking.

2) Think of the myriad examples of (the bible, which I am more familiar with) words that mean one thing, but when thought about, reveal facts of who, where, what, why, God is- but it takes a second glance, a fast doubletake to notice:

a) Heaven (Where God is) really means “Sky”.  Everyone looks UP to pray.   Evil is INSIDE the earth.  We show we know our place by looking DOWN at the ground, kneeling to be closer. As we have noted recently Muslims get REAL LOW to the ground to show they know their place relative to where God is.  Ya gotta respect their devotion…

Every depiction of someone going to heaven you ever saw shows them going into the Sky, into Space.

b) Star (“points of light in sky”) also means “The most wonderful and famous and important people” and are the people whom many of us worship and revere as Gods.  You wouldnt think we pray to them, but get some girls near the Beatles, and see some worship and adoration (worshipping false idols, perhaps?) aplenty!

c) Sin (means in fact “Error” or “without”) is a mathematical term also, meaning “opposite” in the sense that it is opposing (but not equal to) the Cosine (Cos)  (for added amusement: If someone says “why” and you “just know” you are right- you say “Cos!” (Because)

d) Repent is just a word that more accurately means “Repeat” (assumedly without the error or “Sin”)

e) The beginning of the Bible describes the Earth as if is had long existed in darkness.  “Let there be light” is a technically feasible thing for a entity of great power- set off a nuclear bomb the size of the Sun and you have- the Sun.

f) God says he is the Alpha and the Omega. (he encompasses the beginning and the end)

Here, in one sentence God tells us when he came from (and also where) but we have all been too dumb to figure it out- God came from Before the Big Bang, in the universe that was here and collapsed into the “big crunch” that just barely preceded the “Big Bang” .   This implies quite convincingly to me God is the culmination of all the evolution that occurred in the prior “Universe” and all the wisdom that transended mass.  In other words (As the bible and many texts and mythologies present) God and angels are Energy, since energy is the one thing that can survive a “Big Crunch” and the very massive “Big Bang”.     Only beings of pure energy can survive the big bang, everything else gets smashed into subatomic goo.  Who knows how many times the Big Crunch/Bang cycle has repeated, maybe MILLIONS of times. In these millions of universe-cycles, is it reasonable that at least ONCE a being made it from atoms, molecules, goo, amino acids, proteins, all the way to some “god like” DNA, evolving all the way up to a being of pure energy?   Well, lets consider the numbers.   Some percentage of you readers have just the tiniest idea how big our universe is, how old, so simply multiply by a million universes- Yep, seems reasonable one entity could evolve all the way to a being of pure energy, and survive the crunch-bang cycle.   Seems every word of every historical account(taking into account the expected translation and perceptual errors) could be totally true.

All one must accept is “We are here” “We CAN get smarter” and the answer is right there.   

Does this theory conflict with science in any way?  Nope, we are beings of mass who THINK with energy- only our thoughts remain energy, and if you do not believe, think of an EEG machine- reads brainwaves, responds to thought, but neednt be attached to the scalp anymore- so it is reading pure energy.  

G) God says “a day to me is a thousand years to man” so he has been messing with us for about three weeks, his time.  This makes sense to me, beings of pure energy would be moving at or near the speed of light, so time would seem normal to them, but to us, they would move sooooooooo sllllooooooooowwwwlllyyy! Why, he would live FOREVER at that speed!  (Oh, right, he DOES) (Older than the universe)

See how a good theory ties everything together, without any real effort?  (the true christians among you would pray for me (go ahead, might be helpful) thinking I am possessed.    Wouldnt be the first time.

Does this theory conflict with Religion in any way?   Yes and no- if you ask anybody in any church I can imagine, it will all be shot down as sacreligious(sp) but it sure doesnt conflict with any passage I have read in any account of any faith.  I dont go to church, or mention it- because I PERSONALLY dont want to get shot down. Literally.

Well, its almost six in the morning.  The planet, revolving at 1000 miles per hour, roughly, is about to turn itself so the sun around which it revolves will cast its multi-spectral, radioactive, emissions on me, and that usually helps me sleep.   Oh, you dont think the Sun is emitting radio-activity on us?  Tell me then, why does the AM RADIO stop working every day as the sun comes up, only able to split the daytime static enough to pick up local stations, instead of the east and west coast ones?   What IS that crackling noise, that energetic sound only audible when the sun breaks over the horizon?   Could it be….The Voice Of God?    Nah, I dont think so, but ya never can tell.

May the blessings of God come to us all, along with the radiation.