Gods Voice or Metatron’s Voice?

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I, being a religious man and even a logical man, I tend to research things that don’t really make sense. God’s voice really doesn’t, now does it?

From witnessing the hair-brained antics from a popular movie, “Dogma”, I noticed that they refered to the “Highest Choir of Angels” named Metatron. Metatron is most commonly associated with the voice of God, since God’s true voice can not be heard from the mortal perspective. The reason for this, is that it is too pure and too powerful to be heard by sinners, thus, instant death.

Metatron is only one of the seventy-two names given to this angel. He is very popular in Jewish teachings and is uniquely hidden in the Christian bible in several names. This is why most of you haven’t heard of him.

For you bible-readers, Metatron was supposedly the Prophet Enoch. Upon dying, God turned Enoch into what he is today.

Enoch’s job in life was a scribe. (A scribe is often refered to as a secretary in today’s language.) As for his skill as a biblical secretary, it is used in heaven as the Lord’s record-keeper.

In heaven, he has taken the form of fire with thirty-six pairs of wings and too many eyes to count! Kind of scary, eh? But there’s nothing to fear, what could a record-keeper do to you? Just kidding. He’s powerful.

If you are lucky enough to get into heaven, you might want to shake hands with the All-Mighty God. Stop by the Seventh Heaven (the highest section in heaven) and talk to Metatron, first. Metatron knows just as much as God, if not less. The Lord is a busy god, and would like not to be disturbed when he tries to answer millions of prayers and tries to ignore the “oh, god” moans and groans of the world as simple expressions.

Because of his life on Earth, he was the link between Earth and Heaven. Having that experience of talking to mortals and actually being one, he took on a human voice and could easily communicate for God to man. If not, God would have to either talk to humanity itself, and kill everyone, or send Guardian Angels to speak to them as a conscience or so called “mental illness.”

When God refers to a “great angel” or when he says the he will “send an angel”, he is most likely talking about Metatron.

Who was the angel who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son?

Who was the angel who wrestled Jacob?

Who was the angel who led the Israelites and Moses out of the wilderness?

Most loonies will claim they heard the voice of God and that he told them to do whatever. That’s not true. Everyone expects God to be everything and everywhere, but remember that he said that he made man in the image of him?

With that said, God created angels to do his work. Think of God and big-named angels as famous icons of the physical world. You’re lucky if you can get their autographs.

If someone claims they heard the voice of God, it was most likely an angel. Angels are usually associated with a good conscience. When your “good conscience” screams, you hear a voice as clear as digital sound.

Speaking in tongues is also popular. Someone becomes “possessed” and starts to talk in jibberish and claim they never knew they were making such noises.

In First Corinthians, it makes due note about speaking in tongues. In short, someone gets so frightened that they cry out to God. Upon doing so, angels that can not control fate, control mortal’s mouths to speak the Holy Language. When someone is speaking the Holy Language, they speak directly to God and no one else. From then on, whatever is said to him is now in his hands to dicipher and judge.

Believer or not, from the Christian view-point, everyone has a guardian angel. Listen to it. They will help you live a good life if you heed their warnings.

Don’t let them scream at you, otherwise you may find yourself taking medication and trying to dislocate your shoulder from a straight-jacket.

The voice of God? Try Metatron or Gaurdian Angels in your story… It won’t go too far, now will it?