Gravity Compression Theory

Gravity Compression Theory


James E. Hartman

P.O. Box 612

Griffith, Indiana 46319

Gravity is an act of matter in compression. Depending on the type or

amount of matter under compression the more gravity will be released

or transmitted to surrounding matter. An object weight over a body

of water will weigh different than a body weighed on land. Also, the

closer to the compression center the greater the influence.

Also, gravity push becomes a reality in that mass is compressing

downward hence more weight exerted pushing apart atoms while still

compressing, heating up the core. The higher electron mass and more

neutrons it contains the greater the overall gravitic effects.

These can only travel through matter as electrogravitic induction.

Thats why as one goes higher in the atmosphere the less gravitic

effects on a body. In space only harmonic resonance effects bodies,

that is the act of gravity as a signal rather than a force. It seeks

mass through harmonized contact. Hence, mass seeking mass via

gravitic harmonics. If this is true. Each planet sings or harmonizes

at a set pitch around the sun, thereby holding orbit. Earth sends

one signal and the sun another. The two compressed effects permits

orbits to occur. The total sum of the harmonics is the positional

harmonic. If these change, orbits change.

If a Flying Saucer used solar harmonics, or universal harmonics to

travel to other worlds it would be through use of a fine tuned

gravitic harmonic. Time would be fixed at that harmonic. So rather

than using black holes, one would now use ‘harmonic gravitic time

ports’ to travel through space, making ‘Quantum Leap’ a realization.