Gravity, the force that fix us on the ground have never been understood. It is the most mysterious force of the universe. No scientists have been able to explain it yet. No particles have been found that could explain its effect. Many researches are done all over the world in order to explain gravity and control it. But science seems surpassed by gravity. It is the most visible force but no one is able to explain it. Is it the primordial force, the one that explain everything? Is gravity more than just attraction? Maybe gravity is the expression of a deeper aspect, a deeper force.

Gravity power is based on the mass of the objects. More an object has mass (the more it is composed of matter) more it attracts others objects. So gravity has its origin in matter. However, matter represents energy that have been materialized. Where come from this energy? This energy come from us! When we enter in this world, we give energy to this world We are all energy and each of us put a certain amount of our energy in this world in order to be materialized (to have a body for example). This amount is equivalent to the mass of our body. Thus gravity is the force that we have put inside the material world. Our bodies are not composed of lots of matters (our mass is relatively small). Thus, our bodies do not attract peoples as much as planets do for example. It is because, we have a great spiritual life that stay outside the material world. Most of our energy stay there. We chose to keep our soul in control.

Gravity has the particularity to be only attractive while electromagnetism has a negative and positive aspect for example. In fact, attraction is the law of our universe. Everybody is attracted by everybody. It is the creative power of our world. Without this inherent force, nothing would be created. Creation is the result of the association of objects thus it needs a force that bring things together. Gravity is this force. It affects only the material world because it is only based on the mass which represent the amount of energy that our soul choose to put in the material world. In the spiritual world, Love is the attractive force. It brings soul together. Gravity is the materialistic equivalent to Love. Its materialization.