Grid Travel

Remember that famous Dialogue from The Matrix where Morpheus explains it to Neo that every human being is living in a dream world which is different from real world. We humans are not allowing ourselves to see the real world.

The obvious question is ”“ “What is the real world?”
Reality consists of an atmosphere of electromagnetic grids. This creates holograms through which we center our realization to experience. These grids contain the recollection of what we are experiencing in the present. These grids create everything that exists in our world.

We all humans can move our conscious through these grids. This phenomenon is known as Grid Travel. We can grid travel if we attain the ability to focus the conscious mind. The power of human mind is unlimited and is unexplored. Grid travel may help us realize the power of our mind.

When we move our conscious mind through grids ”“ we experience sound, light, color, geometric shapes at different levels of frequency.

Different people follow different techniques for Grid Travel. The rules are almost same in all the techniques.
Following are the steps to Grid Travel:
1)Choose a place and time where there is no disturbance around.
2)Keep the lights minimum in the room but don’t make it totally dark.
3)Adjust your clothing, footwear and glasses.
4)Lie down in a comfortable position.
5)Free your mind from any kind of tensions.
6)Relax your body ”“ part by part ”“ (feel your body parts relaxing).
7)Breathe deeply. Repeat it for about 40 ”“ 50 times
8)Now you will start to feel relaxed.
9)Concentrate on the rays released by of your body.
10)Select an object or person who is at a different location. Now concentrate on moving your mind closer to the object.
11)Remember that anything to do with metaphysics should be done with relaxed mind.

You can start experimenting by going places once you start grid traveling. You may try to see a friend who is at a distant location and record your observation into a paper. Later you may confirm the results with your friend.

Remember grid traveling is different than telepathy. In telepathy we send our mind signals but in Grid Travel we send our conscious mind at far distances. It will be the fastest and the most economic way to meet up with friends and relatives.