Halloween Haunted House Tours

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When you’re ready for a good scare during the Halloween holiday, don’t wait for it to come to you, why not check out one of the many haunted destinations that feature activities and tours especially made for this spooky seasonal celebration. Forget the candy and head for one of the haunted houses or ghost tours of well-known locations across the United States, such as the Haunted Grimm House of Old Town. Happy haunting!


Haunted Grimm House of Old Town

5770 West Irlo

Bronson Memorial Highway
Kissimmee, Florida

Phone Number: 407-397-2231


The entire family may appreciate this haunted house, which offers a good performance by a variety of talented live actors. The special effects seem too real to ignore as you pass through the two floors offered at this haunted house selection. Not only will you have the socks scared off of you, but you will also have more than 20 rooms to test your nerves. You might even share a hearty chuckle throughout the experience.


Mysterious Mansion of Gainsburg

424 River Road
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Phone Number: 865-436-7007


This mysterious mansion can be found in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which you may be a bit closer to if you live in the area. Some will consider this one of the freakiest attractions throughout the city. Not only is the exterior rather creepy, but also the interior transports you back to a time where classic architecture offers the chance to gaze upon a dreadful dark dungeon. The house is also filled with numerous secret passageways that you are sure not to follow on your own. Those who have visited this site have often sworn to encounter a spooky scene, hidden goblin or at least felt rather creeped out when passing through the premises. If you are interested in gathering more details on the house, you may check out: www.attractions-gatlinburg.com/mysterious_mansion.html


Ghostly Manor

3319 Milan Road
Sandusky, Ohio

Phone Number: 419-626-4467


While venturing throughout the halls and rooms of this haunted location, you will find the thrills and chills are quite non-stop. There are 17 different rooms to explore when taking the tour and you are sure to shiver when you experience some of the technological advancements in sound and special effects. This haunted house can be visited from June to October, making it a great time to catch the house right before it closes up shop. More details can be uncovered at: www.ghostlymanor.com


Dr. Morbid’s Haunted House

115 Canada Street
Lake George, New York

Phone Number: 518-668-3077

While traveling throughout this haunted house, you will experience both fear and fun at the same time. As your heart pumps, you will have plenty of beans to spill on just how scared you were when the tour is completed.


Witch House

310 1/2 Essex Street

Salem, Massachusetts

Phone Number: 978-744-0180


Have you ever heard of the Witch House? Located at 310 1/2 Essex Street, you will encounter the former residence of Jonathan Corwin, who served as one of the magistrates who played a vital role in the Salem witch trials. Guided tours at this site, presents more information that allows visitors to explore the history of the witchcraft trials.