Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

During the Halloween season, there are many different destinations that give new meaning to creepy because of some of the cultural, as well as historical events that have been attached to various locations. This can be seen in visiting places like Salem, Massachusetts, where a fascinating part of history is able to come to life.


For starters, there is a sad history that can be traced back to this city, By now, whether you have read the tales between the pages of high school Social Studies books or saw dramatization on a television show, you may have heard of Salem’s past. This is the site where the infamous witch trials took place, where many innocent men and women were put to death for their suspected involvement in witchcraft. These trials have occurred more than 300 years ago, but the memories are still deep within the minds of Salem residents, as well as others all over the world.


When visiting the Salem area, you will find numerous options to choose from when you want to feel a chill run up and down your back. For starters, you may engage in the Haunted Footsteps Tour. Led by a series of lanterns, you will enjoy a professionally guided tour with a wealth of historical information at every turn. The entertaining storytelling is sure to shed more light on the things you have only read about in the books. To arrange a tour, you may visit 175 Essex Street or call 978-745-0666.


Dracula’s Castle is also located in Salem, Massachusetts. Actually, it is positioned on 90 Lafayette Street (603-458-5848). This is considered to be one of the oldest and most well known haunted houses in all of Salem.


You might want to experience the city in a different way, besides a typical walking tour. You may enjoy joining the Salem Trolley for a narrated trolley tour of the historic side of Salem by a tour company that knows what it is doing. They’ve been doing this for years. More details can be found by visiting Central Street in Salem. You may also call 978-744-5469 for more information.


While you are in the area, you may want to check out the Peabody Essex Museum, which brings interesting collections of art hailing from Asian, Oceanic, Native American and African countries. You will also be able to view an array of New England art, which dates back about 300 years. This museum can be found at East India Square. Call 978-745-9500 or 866-745-1876 for more details.


Of course there had to be a museum dedicated to the Salem witch trials and you will find this in the Salem Witch Museum, which is located at 19 1/2 Washington Square. The history of witchcraft and the witch trials that rocked history books is presented as an important moment in history that helped the shape an influential part of history in Salem. Additional questions may be answered by calling 978-744-1692 or 800-544-1692.