Hangar 18 Underground Base Entrance Revealed?

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This information was posted many years ago on the Prodigy Information Service. The
message was from Art Mortensen.

I have information on hangar 18.

If one drives exactly 9 miles toward the mountains away from Las Vegas
counting the cross street named RAINBOW as your starting point you will come to
an unlisted turnoff for an unlisted park described by a rusty, bullet-ridden
sign. The grounds lead to huge cul-de-sac valley with a subdivision that does
not show on any maps at any Title Company. If one watches for awhile, eventually
small pick-up trucks labeled “geologic survey” will appear from no
where or head in and vanish. If you follow you will be confronted by a ancient
two story house that has only mirrored windows that stands on higher ground. You
will be allowed to pass if you wish but will find a log or some other obstacle
in the way so you must take one of the other of many dirt roads. This corner of
the world is owned by Summa Corporation which was and is Howard Hughes. This is
really Federal Territory and an “Entrance” to an elaborate underground
city and highly secure. Be careful. This is the hanger.

The following is from a public post on the prodigy information service. The
message was from Art Mortensen.