Haunted Ontario: Hamilton

When visiting the Ontario area, you will encounter many different cities to explore. One of the top largest cities throughout the area is called Hamilton, which is also the home of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, as well as the Royal Botanical Gardens. In this article, we will explore some of the legends and tall tales regarding this interesting city.


Some haunted places are thoughts of the past, torn down and never to be seen or experienced again. It is a shame that one the cursed dwelling of the Belvedere Mansion is no longer standing. The ghosts of not one, but two murdered families haunted this mansion. The curse deals with the act of hanging. The first family was said to be killed by their 7-year-old son, who hung himself in the attic afterwards. The house was sold, this time to another family, who met the same fate. This time it was the father who was the culprit of the murders. After killing his family, he then hung himself in the attic as well. The mansion was torn down sometime in 2000.

Alike the Belvedere Mansion, the Century Manor is still here to see. Whoever has step foot on the premises has had a tale to share. Some of the oddities to keep in mind include the sighting of shadows, unexplainable footsteps, as well as doors that open and close on their own. Lights have been known to turn on and off without the help of others and a chill often runs up and down the spine of your back when entering certain areas. There has also been reported an odd smell to the premises.  Throughout the years, the Dundern Castle is a place of many strange events. Various noises have been documented to occur at this site, including screaming, doors slamming, as well as unexplainable banging sounds. Some say they have caught sight of an elderly woman who can be seen walking down the halls. She usually has two small girls by her side and she is always holding a candle in her hand.


Want to go hiking? In a haunted forest? In the city, there is a forest that is believed to be haunted. When walking in the area during the night, you may be struck with the feeling that someone is watching your every mood. Some claim to have actually felt breath on the back of their necks. The shadows of small children are believed to haunt the forest, as well as the sound of unexplainable laughter.

Additional haunted spots in Hamilton include:


The Customs House: Haunted by an apparition who is referred to as the Dark Lady, who has been spotted on the upper floor, as well as in the basement.

The Hermitage: This old mansion was the sight of a forbidden love driving two to commit suicide. The ghost of a former black slave is said to haunt the area. He was in love with the master’s daughter, who killed herself because they could not be together. When he heard his love was dead, he too, committed suicide.

Rock Castle: Here is one of the oldest buildings in the Hamilton area, where you can hear unexplainable voices and experience sudden temperature changes.