Have You Noticed the Increasing Trend of Using the Word ‘Illuminati’ to Promote Products as Being ‘Elite’?

The concept of the Illuminati is becoming one that is increasingly accepted as something ‘cool’ to associate with or flaunt in public. Symbolism associated with the secret society are advertised on pieces of clothing, in photo shoots of the most popular celebrities, and inserted into the music videos of rappers and pop singers. Some will ask, ‘what’s so bad about the Illuminati?’ The answer is found in three little words, New World Order, an agenda that conspiracy theorists believe involves the wealthy and elite secretly working towards achieving a totalitarian one- world government.

Over the years, the power of the Illuminati and the increasing allure of the secret society are found in products and companies that do much more than promote the related symbolism and themes. It’s becoming more and more acceptable for celebrities and the general public to embrace the symbols of the Illuminati, including the all-seeing eye and illuminated pyramids. It is also becoming more of a habit to use the word ‘Illuminati’ in product descriptions and names as a way to convey something being ‘exclusive,’ ‘elite,’ or ‘the best.’

Below you will find a handful of examples that include goods from the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Europe that have no issue using the Illuminati to sell their products:

Illuminati Reserve Society

The title of the dcist.com post read, “3 Stars Brewery Launches Their Own Exclusive Beer Club,” and with a name like Illuminati Reserve Society, it sounds like something that should appeal to those wishing to become a part of the ‘elite.’ With a pending launch in 2014, the “exclusive beer club” will accept registration on the second of January at a cost of $100 for those looking to take advantage of rare and one-off craft brews. In addition to intermittent perks throughout the months, members will receive five different limited release beers in a calendar year.

Illuminati Pajamas by Avon

Although no longer available for sale on the website, the United Kingdom line of Avon products were selling a product called Illuminati PJs. The design of the pajama pants do not have any blatant or in-your-face symbolism related to the secret society. Instead, the black and gold pants (shown above) seem to evoke a sensual cosmic kind of feel. Curiously, Avon decided to refer to them as ‘Illuminati PJs’ for no apparent reason.

Illuminati Lipsticks

Perhaps the name of this line of lip color, which is made in India, is meant to suggest shimmering, luminescent color, but here in the United States, we tend to raise an eyebrow to a product called ‘Illuminati Lipsticks.’ Interestingly, the concept of single eye symbolism seems universal, as the model used to advertise the lipsticks has her hair covering one of her eyes.

Amplifyd Watches Illuminati

The polished unisex stainless steel watch decorated with 275 encrusted cubic zirconiums on and around the face of the timepiece is sold on a European website called the Shade Station, which sells what they call Amplifyd Watches Illuminati – Casios that have been upgraded or ‘pimped out’ with customizations. The watch shown is called the Casio Illuminator. Described as a “super bling inspired Amplifyd watch,” this product certainly reflects the impression of being elite with the perception of being covered in diamonds.