Have You Seen the Blatant Illuminati Symbolism that Finds Its Way into the Advertising and Products of Nike?

Nike is a multinational corporation specializing in the selling and marketing of all things sports, including apparel, footwear and equipment. It’s the infamous company responsible for making Air Jordans famous, and it also sponsors endless dominant athletes of the past and present. They’ve also worked with suspected Illuminati puppets, and seem to have no problem incorporating Illuminati-inspired packaging designs, questionable symbolism, and hidden messages into their advertisements that should raise more than one eyebrow.

A few instances where it seems that Nike has drunk from the Illuminati-tainted Kool-Aid include the following examples:

The Packaging Design of Nike Mojo Golf Balls

‘Mojo’ refers to the ‘magic’ we find in the things we do, or the good luck we perceive ourselves to possess. In other circles, it means a spell, charm or amulet. Nike has a line of golf balls called ‘Mojo,’ which in the past, incorporated psychedelic imagery with tie-dye colors in its packaging design. Nowadays, this approach has changed and the packaging is a clear, blatant reference to the all-seeing eye pyramid often linked to the Illuminati.

Not only is there an eye at the center of the ‘pyramid,’ but there is also a Nike golf ball positioned at the apex of the pyramid, which greatly mimics the all-seeing eye imagery of the Illuminati. Golf balls flying in different directions help to further create the ‘illumination’ effect.

The Message in the Kobe ‘Elite’ Commercial

With an underlying concept that sends a message to viewers regarding the perks associated with being part of the elite, L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant appeared in a series of commercials not too long ago that centered on the theme of success.In the commercial, Bryant speaks to an assortment of ‘successful’ individuals, such as billionaire Richard Branson. The other characters in the advertisement (besides Bryant) are representative of success, wealth, power and influence.

The slogan for the ad is ‘success for the successful,’ and incorporates the imagery of a pyramid-style hierarchy, where Bryant makes a reference to the step that is found above success. Perhaps, this is a reference to the financial and social perks that come with being a part of the elite. Interestingly, the visual part of the ad highlights ‘success’ as being at the apex of the pyramid, which is quite similar to the Illuminati-related all-seeing eye pyramid.

Kanye West’s Air Yeezy Symbolism

Nike is also the company responsible for supplying sporting goods stores with suspected Illuminati puppet, Kanye West’s line of Air Yeezy’s. Despite repeated attempts to discredit any association with the Illuminati, West did everything in his power to send conspiracy theorists wild regarding the result of his second sneaker-collaboration with Nike, which sold in stores for $375. Only 5,000 pairs of the limited edition shoes were released, and their appearance does nothing to distance the performer from Illuminati rumors.

In addition to soles that glow in the dark and reptilian features, some of the design aspects are quite questionable. Hieroglyphics decorate a strap attached to the sneakers ”“ an ode to the ancient Egyptian form of communication. However, it is the triangular shape with a bird in the center found on the tongue of the sneaker that presents the closest nod towards the Illuminati.