Have You Seen the Symbolism in Rihanna’s Music Video, “Where Have You Been?”

You just can’t seem to turn on the radio or music-related TV station without hearing a Rihanna tune, especially the catchy, upbeat “Where Have You Been?” Often referred to as an ‘Illuminati puppet,’ Rihanna is part of the ‘elite’ music family associated with Jay-Z and Kanye West. In the music video for “Where Have You Been,” Rihanna exposes viewers to an interesting collection of questionable symbolism.

Rihanna has on more than one occasion shown an affinity for reptilian features ”“ wearing a skintight, floor-length reptile-skinned dress to the 2012 Met Gala Ball. In the “Where Have You Been” music video, the singer is seen emerging out of the water as what looks like the mimicking of an alligator or crocodile. Green paint is used to cover her breasts and create reptilian-like scales. Similar scales are seen on her back. It’s an interesting choice for a music video about love. Some have linked this symbolism to the reptilian theories regarding shape shifting reptiles and the ‘Brotherhood.’  One such conspiracy theory involves the beliefs of David Icke, who stated that the Brotherhood originated from reptilians that walked on two legs and appeared human. They supposedly lived in tunnels and caverns inside of the earth, and are thought to come from the same race of gods associated with the Babylonian creation myth.

Before Rihanna begins dancing in the desert-like scene, a camera shot drifts to highlight her face, which is partially covered and revealing just one eye. As she stares into the camera, you will notice this single-eye symbolism that is often associated with the Illuminati. The significance of one eye traces back to the Eye of Horus and the ancient meaning of the pyramids, which are oftentimes seen with an eye at the top ”“ also known as the all-seeing eye. As she continues to dance, a few tresses conveniently cover one of her eyes to create the imagery once again. If you also look closely during the viewing of the video, you will also see the step pyramid in the background.

Ritualistic dancing and the promotion of orgy-like gatherings are also seen in the music video. In one scene, Rihanna is flanked by dancing males in a semi-erotic routine, which quickly shifts to a scene with the flailing bodies of females that surround Rihanna. Soon after, the women use their bodies (primarily their arms) to create the shape of an eye (with Rihanna in the center) that blinks and then breaks apart to allow the women to continue dancing in sync with one another. A subtle circle appears in the forefront of the screen to frame Rihanna’s body.
Interestingly, at one point, the video shows mirrored images of Rihanna, which has been flagged as a possible link to Monarch mind control.

Towards the end of the music video, a special effect creates the illusion that Rihanna has many arms, and her pose is quite similar to a figure well known to the Hindu faith. Shiva was a god that took various forms, including Nataraja, who is known to perform a dance that illustrates the destruction of the universe, which is then followed by the preparation of the ‘birth’ of a new universe. By the end, Rihanna slowly returns to the water and disappears from where she first emerged.