Heal your body with Marma therapy from Ayurveda


Ayurveda is an ancient traditional medicine system from India. In Ayurveda, it is believed that the 5 elements found in the world are very impactful for a person’s health. Marma points in Ayurveda exists from a long time ago. 


To put in simple language, marma points are locations in the body, through which energy of these five elements flow. In marma points therapy, these points are simulated using a gentle massage.  


There are 3 doshas found in the marma points:

  1. Kapha (which is earth and water)
  2. Vata (which is air and space)
  3. Pitta (which is water and fire)

These 3 doshas are connected to our physical well-being, and emotional too. Ayurveda believes that by stimulation we can remove the negative effects and improve our physical and mental health. 

Where are marma points located?

  1. There are 11 marma points present in our limbs
  2. There are 26 marma points present in our trunk
  3. There are 37 marma points present in our head and neck area
  4. There are 33 marma points present in other parts of our body


This makes it a total of 107 marma points in our body. 


Know about marma points therapy

Marma therapy involves gentle massage therapy on the marma points which can improve your biochemistry. 


This massage removes the stagnant energy present inside of you, stimulates your organs and hormones to cure your illnesses. An Ayurvedic trained masseur performs this therapy. 


This massage works through the spiritual touch. Touch is believed to be more than just a physical sense. It goes much deeper and traverses through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Skilled touch is an art that has a silent message of its own. It can bring radical changes in our neurochemistry. A touch through these points can open new pathways to our inner pharmacy. 


A masseur or a masseuse uses aromatic oils mixed with herbs to enhance the benefits of massage. 


What benefit do we get?

In several studies conducted for heart stroke patients or patients with several injuries, marma therapy was done. And it is also preferred by employees with long hours of sitting, or players. Marma therapy can 

  • Give freedom of movement to a blocked shoulder. 
  • Relieve you of pain and stiffness 
  • Enhances the flow of prana through our body 
  • Beneficial to ears 
  • Beneficial for pancreatic function 
  • Influences our lungs and stomach
  • Relieves severe headaches and calms the mind


There are many other benefits of massage on different marma points. Below is a list of some of the marma points and the area they are connected to. 


Marma points

  • Sthapani marma is located in the center of our forehead. It affects our brain and nerves
  • Phana marma is located on either side of the base of our nostrils. It affects ears, sinuses, and smell.
  • Talhridayam marma is located at the center of each palm. It affects our lungs
  • Manibandh marma is located at the center spot where our inner wrist meets the palm. It affects our body stiffness
  • Janu marma is located on the lower inner points of the bottom of both kneecaps. It affects our heart, liver, and spleen

This touch therapy when done at a specific place at a critical time innates our body’s intelligence and opens doors of healing and relaxation. You do not have to be an expert to do this. With a little knowledge of the exact locations and pressure, you can do this at home.