Healing Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire

Belonging to the corundum family, the yellow sapphire is related to the ruby and blue sapphire. However, the yellow shade of the sapphire is used to combat any issues associated with the planet Jupiter in Vedic astrological circles. In this article, you will learn more about the gemstone, which is believed to give strength and combat the effects of poisons.

High-Quality Yellow Sapphires

When using a yellow sapphire for healing, you’ll get the most out of gemstones that are of a higher quality. A good yellow sapphire is one that is heavy or possesses a high specific gravity that is evident when holding the gem in the palm of your hand. Without the help of a magnifying glass, the luster of the gem should be easily seen. The sapphire should be transparent, which indicates that the gem is clean and pure. Other desired features of a yellow sapphire include an even surface, uniform color, and hardness.

A poor yellow sapphire specimen will appear dull, which is believed to be harmful to your health. Cracks inside of the gem is said to create a ‘fear of thieves.’ If the yellow sapphire has a milky appearance inside, it could cause harm to offspring. A sapphire displaying an asymmetrical shape is said to cause bad luck.

Yellow Sapphire Rituals

It is said that a yellow sapphire is best purchases on a Thursday in an ascending moon cycle. The gem should weigh no less than three rattikas and be made into a ring that is set in gold on the same day it is bought.

Healing with Yellow Sapphires

Using the oxide of yellow sapphire is said to increase bile and give strength. Some people use the gemstone to treat issues centered on poison. When an aggravated wind and mucus is present, yellow sapphire is thought to be of some help. The gemstone is also associated with treating the following concerns: hemorrhoids, leprosy, burning sensations, and jaundice.

When yellow sapphires are made into a paste or powder for healing, it is said to have the power to treat dry mucus conditions. To get the best results, it is said to mix the paste with the skim of milk. Other additives to boost the healing success of yellow sapphire paste include black pepper and honey. If a patient has a cold, mix the paste with honey and a pinch of finely ground fresh black pepper. To ease a spell of vomiting, mix the paste with honey and a pinch of finely ground red cardamom seeds.

Sources of High-Quality Yellow Sapphires

Yellow sapphires are found as crystals in rocks made out of limestone and schists present in streams and riverbeds. The majority of high-quality yellow sapphires come from India, which is also mentioned in ancient scriptures , in the Mahanadi and Brahmputra rivers, Orissa, Bengal, the Himalayas, the Vindhyachal Mountains, and Kashmir. In the upper region of Burma, it is said the best yellow sapphires reside in Mogok, as they are known for their luster, smoothness, and shine. Sri Lanka and Brazil are also locations where yellow sapphires are found.