Healing Stones and Crystals: Aventurine and Amber

If you’re looking for a bit of good luck or wish to take advantage of a strong healer, you may want to consider the use of stones and crystals for healing. In this article, you will learn more about aventurine (a mineral with a shiny appearance) and amber (which can have connections to the ancient past).


When you wish to enjoy a streak of good luck, reach for a talisman made out of aventurine, which has a history with gamblers for bringing good fortune. When worn as an amulet, aventurine has a reputation for enhancing eyesight, increasing perception, and improving intelligence. With a projective energy, the mineral is associated with air, as well as with money, healing and peace.

Aventurine possesses a glistening effect, which is referred to as “aventurescence.” The mineral is often found in small inclusions of other shiny minerals , primarily other quartzes. The color of the aventurine depends on the mineral associated with the stone. For example, mica gives the stone a yellowish or silverish glitter. Shades of red or gray are found with goethite and hematite inclusions. Because of this, you may find aventurine in shades of orange, green, brown, yellow or gray. All of these colors have found a place in jewelry, but the most favored color is green, which make attractive beads and are sometimes carved into ornamental figures.

The green shade of aventurine is seen as a mineral that brings comfort and can heal the heart. It is said that it can block in the negative vibes that come from electronic equipment, such as TVs and computers. In healing circles, green aventurine is believed to calm a wave of nausea and release negative thoughts and feelings. A calming of the emotions is said to be achieved with the use of green aventurine.


Often mistaken for a gemstone, amber is actually a fossilized substance made out of tree resin. People recognize amber as a powerful healer with the ability to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. One of the reasons behind this belief that amber can bring luck, strength, protection, beauty, romantic love, and healing is that they often contain an insect. Some circles view this as possessing life energy. It is also representative of the Goddess or Great Mother. Witches have been known to wear a necklace comprised of amber and jet beads. The amber is used as a way to keep negativity away.

Coming in shades of transparent or translucent yellow and golden colors, amber is often associated with fire, the Sun, as well as the zodiac signs Leo, and Aquarius. When using amber in rituals that involve the body, it has a connection to the bladder, liver, joints, stomach and kidneys.

Cleansing the environment, amber is also known for drawing disease out of the body and rejuvenating the nervous system. Some people use amber to absorb pain and negative energy, which has earned it a reputation for providing relief for stress and depression.

Because it is easy to make imitation amber out of glass or plastic, it is important to become familiar with how to detect a true specimen. Amber is warm to the touch and offers a smell that resembles pear. When burned, the smoke smells sweet, whereas plastic produces an acidic odor when burned.