Healing Stones and Crystals: Tourmaline and Bloodstone

Tourmaline is a popular gemstone that comes in a variety of solid colors, as well as multi-hued selections. In this article, you will learn about the healing connections that tourmaline possesses, as well as bloodstone , a specimen that had a use that dates back to ancient times.


An interesting fact about tourmaline is that when it is placed under pressure or a change in temperature, it will generate an electrical charge. Because of this, the gem was used to clean ash and dust from smoking pipes during the 1700’s and 1800’s.


Tourmaline crystals are highly valuable and fun for collectors, who enjoy their interesting optical features. Some specimens are even known to display the same effect as cat’s eye when they are polished into cabochons.

Overall, the crystal is used for friendship, love, money, business, health, energy, peace, courage, and astral projection. Tourmaline comes in many different colors, including black, brown, green, red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple. In rare cases, you may encounter orange, white, or colorless specimens. The crystals often contain two or more colors.

The color of tourmaline is also enhanced when it undergoes a heat treatment. Some green-colored stones can turn to a deep shade of green. Brownish-red stones can be made redder, while light pink stones can become colorless with heat treatments.

Depending on the shade of tourmaline, you will experience varying results when using this the crystal for healing and magic. Below is information on individual colors of tourmaline:

Red tourmaline: With a projective energy, red tourmaline is associated with fire and is believed to increase personal energy during rituals. It can also be used to instill courage.

Pink tourmaline: Associated with water, pink tourmaline gives possesses receptive energy that can be used to attract lovers and encourage friendships to blossom.

Red and pink tourmaline: Referred to as “watermelon” tourmaline, this specimen display red and pink colors encased in green. It possesses both projective and receptive energy properties and has been known to balance the energies found in the human body. This kind of gemstone is associated with fire and water.

Green tourmaline: Use green tourmaline to attract wealth and encourage a boost in creativity. Associated with the earth, the gemstone offers a receptive energy.

Blue tourmaline: With links to water, people can use the receptive energy of blue tourmaline as a stress reliever.

Black tourmaline: With the power to absorb negativity, black tourmaline is a receptive gemstone that is associated with the earth.


With a name like bloodstone, you may imagine that this stone is all red, but it is actually greenish in color with red spots. During ancient times, soldiers gravitated to bloodstone because it was believed to possess blood-healing properties and was used to stop the flow of blood. For those casting a spell associated with wealth and business (and even legal matters), bloodstone can be used. A talisman made out of bloodstone is also thought to increase the amount of food a crop products. With a projective energy, bloodstone is linked to fire. In magic and healing circles, use bloodstone for power, strength, courage, victory, and healing.