Healing with Taste

When it comes to Ayurvedic medicinal approaches, you will find that all selections of food and herbs are grouped by their tastes. A variety of categories exist that total six. In this article, you will learn about some of the ways that the foods and flavors that we taste can be used to combat our medical concerns, such as digestion problems, depression, and skin issues.


The sweetness that comes with the sweet potato, cashew nuts, or rice can increase the amount of secretions in the body, which includes semen in men and milk in breastfeeding mothers. Sweet-tasting remedies are known to reduce the pitta-related issues of the body, such as the accumulation of toxins. When there is an excess of kapha (like the presence of the common cold), an excess of sweet foods should be avoided. The same is true when you are suffering chills or rheumatic symptoms.


The pungent flavors of basil, cloves, and horseradish can be used to increase vata and pitta, as well as reduce kapha. These sorts of foods are stimulating and warm the body, as seen in the horseradish that opens up the nasal passages and allows you to breathe easier. A lethargic person or one battling depression can also benefit from pungent foods, as well as something trying to lose weight. If you have an excess of pungent foods in your system, you may suffer burning sensations, a serious case of thirst, as well as nervous exhaustion.


The bitter taste of food is seen in Globe artichokes, Belgian endive, and turmeric, which are associated with the elements of air and ether. In this case, the vata increases while the pitta and kapha is reduced. These sorts of bitter foods can stimulate the digestive system, as well as absorb phlegm and cleanse the body of “fire toxins” If you are suffering from a fever or skin disease, consuming bitter foods is suggested.


Sage, bilberries, and dried strawberry leaves are all examples of astringent foods that provide light, cold, and drying properties. While these foods increase vata, they also lessen the amount of pitta and kapha in your system. A remedy using these foods can treat diarrhea and heavy menstruation. If you overdose on astringent foods, then you face an overdried system that usually results in ailments like constipation and stiffened joints.


The sourness of the lemon, spinach, and cranberries can be used to reduce vata, while increasing kapha and pitta. These types of foods are known to stimulate the digestive system and are often used to combat debility. If you get too much into your system, muscles become weak and an illness may arise as a result of excess pitta. Some of these medical occurrences include liver disorders and ulcers.


To increase pitta and kapha, salty foods and ingredients, such as mineral salts and seaweed can aid in the body’s need to retain fluids and clean the body’s ducts. They work by attracting excess water in the body, which can lower the level of toxins in the system. You may also use salty foods as an expectorant. If you receive too much, you may face premature aging, impotence, and skin problems.