Herbal Remedies for Children: Common Cold

As a child ages, they will come into contact with more and more substances that have the potential to bring about a cold or another infection that is quite difficult to handle. Parents hold keeping their children safe and healthy as one of their top priorities.


Besides making sure they are eating a balanced diet and living an active life, there are many different ways to treat sick children without feeding them chemicals and other drugs. In this article, we will take a look at some of the herbal remedies that may help your child cope with and battle common ailments for this age group.


It doesn’t matter how bundled up you keep your child when they go off to school, once they enter the classroom, they are met with a host of germs and bacteria that threatens their health and safety. Kids in kindergarten and first grade are bound to spread germs from improperly washing their hands and wiping germs from their mouths and noses on their sleeves.


The common cold, which brings about a nasty infection, stuffy heads, runny noses, and congestion, is responsible for the melancholy disposition that your child takes on when an illness strikes. Although a child does possess a typically strong immune system, when frequent colds and stress on current antibodies occur, immunity is known to plummet. When it comes to treating colds and other types of infections, there are plenty of natural approaches to consider.


If your child suffers from chills or congestion, you may give them a cup of catnip infusion to settle their symptoms. You may create this magical potion by adding 20 grams of herb to 500 ml of water. To help the remedy go down a little easier for your young one, you may flavor the water with a bit of honey, as well as with peppermint essence.


To increase the strength of the immune system, as well as combat signs of infection, you may administer 10-20 drops of Echinacea tincture to your child, which can be disguised when putting it in a cup of fruit juice. This is a daily remedy that has been known to boost the immune system in record time.


Tips for Adults


Muscle aches and pains, fever, coughing, sore throat, and nasal stuffiness are all signs that the common cold or flu has presented itself within your life. When the common cold strikes and you are interested in trying out a natural cure for yourself, consider to following possibilities:


Garlic bulbs are known to treat a wide-range of infections. When you eat up to six fresh cloves in a day, you may see some of the symptoms of an acute infection fade away.


Guizhi twigs have been known to warm the body, as well s acts as an antibacterial herb. This natural remedy is best given as a decoction or tincture.


The aerial parts of Boneset not only promote sweating out a cold, but also reduce fever, and eases muscle pain. Three to four times per day, you should take an infusion or tincture.


Prepare an infusion or tincture of Catmint, which has been known to lower fevers and break up congestion. You should take an infusion or tincture of the herb for three to four times per day.