Herbal Tea Recipes 2

When you wish to cleanse the body, revive yourself for the long day at work you have ahead of yourself, or create a relaxing state, there are plenty of different herbal tea combinations to consider. In this article, you will learn how to create at-home herbal teas that use ingredients, such as peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, and honey.


How to Make Karkade


Originating from the Middle East, this type of tea was often offered to people who have come off of a journey. It is known to cleanse the body, as well as bring about a cooling effect that comes from the effects of hibiscus flowers.




50 g of dried hibiscus flowers; 25 g of sugar or honey; and water.




When you are ready to make karkade at home, you will first soak the petals of the hibiscus in 1 liter or cold water for about 1-2 hours. Afterwards, you will be heating them to boiling. The next step is to strain the mixture and set aside all of the liquid. Next, you should return the petals to the pan and add 1 liter of fresh water and once more bring the mixture to a boil. Next, you will strain the mixture and combine the two different extracts that were made from the petals. The next move is to add the sugar and honey to the extract. While it is a tradition to drink this tea cold, it can also be served hot, depending on your preference.


How to Make an Herbal Tea for the Morning


When you first wake in the morning, you might need something to refresh and revive you for the day ahead of you. When following this recipe, you will be able to stimulate, as well as awaken the digestive system, which makes for a good day.




25 g of dried peppermint leaves; 50 g of dried hibiscus flowers; 50 g of dried and crushed strawberry leaves; 25 g of dried and crushed raspberry leaves; 25 g of dried marigold petals; 25 g of dried chamomile flowers; 25 g of dried cornflowers; and water




First, you will want to mix all of the ingredients together and then store the herbs in a dark container or a ceramic jar. Next, add 1-2 teaspoons of your herbs to a tisane cup or a small teapot. Then, boil a fresh pot of water and then add 1 cup of it to your herbs. Steep the mixture for 5-10 minutes, and then strain. When you first rise in the morning, you should drink this tea at the start of your day.


How to Make a Relaxing Herbal Tea


When you need something to calm you down with sedating properties, you should turn to the power of calming herbs, which can help you relieve stress and tension.




50 g of lemon balm leaves; 50 g of dried chamomile leaves; 50 g of dried and crushed linden flowers; and water




To make this herbal tea, you would follow the same directions as stated in the morning tea recipe, except when storing the herbal mixture; you should choose a dark jar.