Herbal Treatments for Women with Morning Sickness

It is an important time in a woman’s life that is filled with ups and downs. Pregnancy is often an event to be cherished, but is also met with a wide-range of symptoms and complications that can seem downright unbearable. For centuries, women in all shapes, sizes, and cultures have turned towards herbal remedies to make some of these inevitable occurrences a bit easier to deal with. This article points out a few natural solutions to consider.


Morning sickness is a very common side effect for pregnant women. For some, they will experience neverending bouts of nausea and vomiting to the point that they just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Early in the pregnancy is when most of this urges are felt, often at the start of the third or fourth week of pregnancy. For some, they are lucky and the symptoms fade away in no time, but then there are the others who suffer up to three months of morning sickness.


Throughout pregnancy, morning sickness side effects can be felt. Sometimes the morning sickness is so strong that some expecting mothers are sent to the hospital for treatment. For those looking for a way to treat their symptoms, they may seek out a natural treatment, such as a simple tincture.


When placing a few drops of the following options on your tongue, you may ease the symptoms of pregnancy nausea. Tinctures to consider include ginger, chamomile, Chen Pi, black horehound, peppermint, and fennel seed. 10 ml of tincture will do the trick. This herbal treatment option best works its magic when used at the first sign of nausea.


There are also alternative options to consider for curing the symptoms of morning sickness. Sometimes, a pregnant woman may feel sick to her stomach because she is suffering from an attack on her digestive system. Taking 1-2 slippery elm capsules on a daily basis should help. The correct dosage of the capsules should be 200 mg.


When looking for a way to relax, sipping an infusion of specific herbs may help. For instance, you may combine 35 grams of dried lemon balm, 15 grams of dried skullcap, 10 grams of dried peppermint, and 10 grams of dried lavender. Ginger also is known to calm down the symptoms of morning sickness. One gram of this herb taken in the capsule form will aid pregnant woman. Chewing crystallized ginger is also a worthy alternative.


When it comes to treating the side effects that come with being pregnant, there are many different herbal remedies to consider. The following ailments are all common problems that women face during a pregnancy and each one of them all has their own natural treatments for women. They include: anemia, backache, high blood pressure, constipation, cramps, cystitis (urinary tract problems), hemorrhoids, indigestion, heartburn, insomnia, vaginal infections, as well as unsightly varicose veins.