Herbs for Witches: Belladonna to Elder Wood

From common household spices (like cardamom) to poisonous plants with a deadly reputation (like belladonna), witches rely on a variety of plants to cast spells, bring luck, and break hexes, Below you will find herbs associated with witches that have been used in making lucky charms and enhancing the ability to predict the future.

During ancient times, the belladonna plant holds a poisonous reputation that many sorcerers and witches have used to their advantage. Some have used the plant to make a connection to the astral plane. Witches would rely on belladonna when they wanted to perform a flying spell or establish a clearer psychic vision. Some people placed the plant above the front door of homes they wished to protect. The power of the plant helped witches to achieve the spells they wished to perform.

Use bergamot oil when you are interested in breaking a hex.

During the Middle Ages, a blackberry bush was seen as a tool for healing. It was thought that if it was rubbed on a person suffering from an ailment, it could magically cure their symptoms.

Charms and spells meant for love and psychic ability are said to benefit from the use of borage.

Buckeye nuts have a reputation for being a lucky charm. If you are looking to improve your financial situation, try carrying buckeye nuts.

Use cardamom to promote sensuality and love in spells dealing with finding true love and encouraging fidelity.

Give catnip to cats to increase the psychic bond between a witch and familiar.

Known for its healing and restorative properties, chamomile is often used in teas but also has a place in some magick spells.  

If you are performing a spell for protection, chives could come in handy.

Offering a connection to strength and success, some believe that cinnamon plays an important role in making charms for luck and prosperity.

You can use clover in many different ways when performing magick. The juice is believed to have the power to remove warts. In regards to spells, use clover to bring luck and love.  

When a spell is meant to incite or draw lust, damiana is a good choice because it has been seen as an aphrodisiac for quite some time.

Dandelion has a connection to divination and is known to promote psychic powers. If you need to call the spirits, dandelion tea may help. The beverage also has a reputation for predicting the future, as well as heightening psychic abilities you may already possess.

Elder Wood
When looking for a material to make a powerful magick wand, consider elder wood, which is used to protect and bring good luck. Use elder berries when giving blessings. The Druids would burn elder for blessings. They’d also hang the herb over the doors and windows of people they knew.