Herbs for Witches: Frankincense to Hydrangea

Whether you’re looking to ease conflict or protect your home, witches have already been using various herbs and plants for centuries to achieve specific goals. In this article, you will learn how to use herbs and plants, such as gardenia, garlic, hawthorn, and frankincense to your advantage.

As one of the three gifts mentioned in the story of Jesus, frankincense can be used to strengthen other herbs used in spells. The oil is powerful when used for blessings and anointment.

While foxglove is used as an astringent for sore throats in natural healing circles, some people also carry it around or sprinkle about the home for protective reasons.

With a sweet smell, gardenia is a flower that possesses peaceful qualities and is helpful in encouraging harmony and easing conflict.

When creating a protective charm against negativity and hexes, consider the power of garlic, which is also a powerful aid in cleansing. Some witches would string together 13 garlic cloves, which were worn for 13 days and nights to cure a medical concern. Garlic is thought to have protection powers for women during childbirth. When placed under a woman having a child, it is believed to keep both baby and mother out of harm’s way.  

In some of the most effective love and sex spells, ginger plays an important role. The herb is also used to increase wealth and strength magick spells.

When kept inside the home, hawthorn is used for its strong protection powers. Other uses include protection for infants, repelling negative magick, and breaking hexes.

For witches that use wands, hazel is believed a powerful wood. It is also said to bring luck. Others have eaten the nuts so that they can take advantage of increased wisdom.

In ancient times, hemlock’s poisonous nature was not only used as a method of suicide and execution, but was also used by witches to achieve their goals in astral projection and divination.  

As an ingredient known for enhancing psychic powers, hemp is also used to encourage invisibility and shape shifting. Some people believe it can get rid of evil spirits affecting a person.

Take seven leaves from a holly plant and tie into a handkerchief (or square of fabric) on a Saturday night at midnight. Place the fabric under your pillow before going to sleep to see the face of your future mate in your dreams. Some witches and wizards have been known to count the berries on a holly tree to foretell the weather. When a tree has a lot of berries, the weather will not be good and lots of storms will come. A few berries on a tree calls for milder weather.

It is not uncommon to see a witch use this flower in some of their magic spells. If you feel that you are the victim of a hex, place hydrangea in a vase and add seven drops of pure lavender essence to the water. Keep the vase close to your bed, and say a serenity chant on a Friday evening after 8 p.m.