Herbs for Witches: Mugwort to Rose

Some of the herbs that witches have used for many years to cast spells, make potions, and protect loved ones are not readily known. For instance, mugwort has many different uses and sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book. In this article, you will learn about the powers of mugwort, as well as other known and lesser known plants and herbs.

For people interested in scrying and divination rituals, mugwort is helpful. Create an infusion of mugwort to wash divination tools, including crystal balls and mirrors. A witch may brew a cup of mugwort tea to come in contact with the goddess Bast, who is thought to bless the tea. She may enjoy a moment of psychic clarity and an enhanced ability to connect to astral realms. Mugwort tea is also known for encouraging prophetic dreams.

The ancient Egyptians would burn myrrh on a daily basis as an offering to the gods. Choose a myrrh incense when you wish to strengthen blessings, healing and meditation. Some people will also burn it to bless sacred spaces and objects.

Use nettle to break a hex or for protection spells. When used in fires and distilled washes, the herb is commonly used to consecrate items.

Some people view oak as one of the most magical of plants. It is said that if you carry a piece of oak wood, you increase your chances of luck and protection. If you gather moss from an oak tree, it is said to be the most powerful for money and success.  

With a tie to ancient times, onions help protect against disease and disasters. Hang dried onion around your house or on the door for a worthy protection choice.

Home protection spells may benefit from sprinkling oregano around the outside perimeter.

Purification spells benefit from the use of parsley.

When couples suffer from tension, pennyroyal is thought to calm the fires. If you carry the herb inside of your shoe, it is considered a nice charm for preventing fatigue. When you are seeking a loan or help with your finances, consider the power that pennyroyal possesses.

Drink peppermint tea if you are performing spells of healing spells. Sprinkling the tea around the home is thought to keep evil spirits away. When casting spells for happiness, it is quite useful.

Poppy is thought to enhance fertility charms and spells, as well as have the power to increase abundance.

Love spells centered on food can benefit from the addition of raspberry. When making a protective charm or breaking a hex, some say the briars of raspberry are quite helpful.

It was said that if you took the root of ribwort and placed it under a stone on a full moon night , it could tell you if marriage was in your near future. If prospects looked good, then the initials of the one you were to marry would be found on the plant’s root.

When you wish to attract love, consider using roses in your charms. It is important to note the color of the rose when using for magical purposes. The ancient Greeks would use the petals and leaves of roses as a way to predict the future. A rose with a concave shape was good for questions that required a yes or no answer. One would hold the rose petal while meditating. They would then press their hands together in a clapping motion. If the petal burst, then the answer was a ‘yes,’ but if a whole petal remained, then the answer was ‘no.’