Herbs for Witches: Rosemary to Yarrow

When it comes to magic spells, one moment a common household spices can come in handy, while the next, you’re searching for a root oil you’ve never heard of. In this article, you will learn about some of the herbs that have been associated with witches and other magic-related subjects.

Rosemary is associated with mental clarity when used in magic spells.

A charm meant to ward off illness, headaches and negativity can benefit from the addition of rue , an evergreen shrub that has found a place in herbal medicine, as well as in the world of bug repellents.

To remove negative energies, use bundles of sage as smudge sticks, which also have a reputation for banishing and psychic opening in spells. Sage leaves played a role in some lovely ladies predicting their marital future. During the evening of Halloween, a woman would pick 12 sage leaves. The twelfth leaf was supposed to reveal the face of her future partner. If no face appeared, then it meant that she would not have a beau within the next 12 months.

Salep root oil was placed inside of amulets to bring protection, good health and luck when a witch prepared it. This herb is believed to help gamblers and has been used for many centuries to bring luck.

It is commonplace to see people burning sandalwood as incense to induce healing and cleanse a sacred area. You may also use sandalwood during a blessing ritual.

When performing a spell to increase your luck concerning legal matters, consider the power of sassafras, which is also connected to attracting wealth.

St. Johns Wort
Some witches will use this plant for healing.

When you burn thyme, you can sanctify spaces used for rituals. The herb is also used to keep away illness and soothe sorrow.

The Native Americans would offer tobacco to the spirits. When it was burned, it encouraged harmony and peace.

When you need to cleanse or create a sense of peace in a ritual space, valerian is a suitable selection. It also has a reputation as being the most powerful in spells regarding sexual love and union.

The fragrance of vanilla can be used as a strong aphrodisiac for women looking to attract men.

As a powerful herb, vervain has found a place as a cleanser of ritual areas. There are many different ways to use the plant, which has ties to divination, healing, and protection.

White Heather
Some use white heather as a way to protect a home. It is often placed in the kitchen.

Ritual tools made out of willow are looked at as being the most desirable. Seek brooms and wands fashioned from this material, which is believed to possess a high level of healing power.  Witches would add willow bark to a tea so that they could heal joint pain.

Although poisonous, a charm with wintergreen can be used to banish negativity, as well as promote success.  

When looking for an amulet to protect against vampires, wolfbane was a popular material used by witches. It was also said to help people achieve invisibility in their spells. It is said that having wolfbane in your possession can also defend against someone who is using witchcraft against you.

Wood Betony
When placed under the pillow, wood betony was thought to help end nightmares. When placed in an amulet, the herb could be worn for protection.  

Some say that yarrow can keep a marriage together for seven years. It is suggested to use the herb in binding love and starting a life based on fidelity. Some prefer to use yarrow when bestowing blessings.