Herbs that Treat Your Bodily Systems: Immune and Urinary System

When your immune system and urinary system need a little boost, a wealth of herbal remedies is available. In this article, you will learn what vital herb is behind the best dose of stimulation that your immune system can receive. You’ll also get more acquainted with buchu and what it can do for you.

Immune System

Sometimes the immune system needs a little stimulation, which is why Echinacea is often called upon to help out. Alongside lapacho, these two herbal treatments assist the immune system when it comes time to fight off infection. Echinacea has a reputation for being one of the most important medicinal herbs that North America knows. With the ability to increase your body’s resistance to bacteria and viral infections, this herb is certainly effective in stimulating the immune system.

Other ways that Echinacea serves the body, includes treating acne, boils, insect bites and stings, canker sores, cold sores, earache, and mild asthma. During the wintertime, look for Echinacea to treat your sore throat and flu symptoms. It even soothes the symptoms of tonsillitis. Tinctures using the root of Echinacea works against chronic infection. Use the root to make a decoction and you can treat a throat infection. When colds erupt, pop capsules using the powdered form of the root.

Urinary System

Buchu: When an antiseptic is needed to disinfect the urinary tubules, look for buchu to solve your problem. Traditionally, the herb served as a remedy amongst a group in South Africa as a stimulant and diuretic. Early Westerners soon found that the herb could treat an array of urinary concerns, including catarrh of the bladder. As an infusion, drinking a cup two times per day can treat prostatitis. A tincture treats chronic urinary infections. Take 40 drops with water three times per day. A patient with cystitis can take burdock capsules two times per day. The appropriate dose is 500 milligrams.

Horsetail: Tightening the urinary tubules, horsetail also helps to protect. Keep in mind that horsetail is also as an effective clotting agent. Nosebleeds are quickly treated. Those who cough up blood see a reduction in the amount produced. If  you are bleeding within the urinary tract system, horsetail could very well prove quite a healing agent. Other medical concerns connected to horsetail, includes chronic swelling of the legs, emphysema, arthritic conditions, damaged connective tissue, and prostate disease. When used as a decoction, the herb added to a bath can ease the symptoms of a sprain that is taking its sweet time healing. If you suffer from a skin condition, like eczema , you will surely benefit from horsetail.  

Cornsilk: When it becomes difficult to enjoy normal urine production and release, cornsilk is used to stimulate the flow of urine. Consider cornsilk when you need to treat the kidneys, You can actually reduce the formation of kidney stones, a well as gain relief from some of the symptoms caused by the condition. It can also help fight fluid retention during pregnancies, as well as combat jaundice , according to ancient Chinese medicine.