Hermetic graffiti on Spanish MS links to Priory of Sion

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I’ve recently chanced on an excellent scholarly article, with a deep and intelligent analysis of the possible esoteric origins of some very curious hermetic markings on a Valladolid Cathedral manuscript.

The writer, Professor E.W Vogt of Seattle Pacific University, makes several highly enlightening and original deductions, for example on the connection between the Masonic “Tri-Tau” cross and the IHS emblem, as well as many important observations upon the influence and interrelationship between esoteric schools of thought and arcane societies, and the article is a must-read for any serious aficionado of Medieval alchemy and symbolism.

I feel, however, that the author had misinterpreted the meaning of one of the ink-drawn symbols on the title page of the MS. Yet this apparent “misinterpretation” offers us another fascinating connection with an aspect of “the Holy Grail” story!