Hidden Citizen Club Sends All the Wrong Messages to Today’s Youths

From the design of their logo (a collaboration of an alien head, winged skull and bones mash-up) to the symbolism screaming at buyers in the array of clothing items sold, Hidden Citizen Club is a custom storefront found on Storeenvy, which allows a collection of businesses to sell their one-of-a-kind items all in one place. Hidden Citizen Club processes and ships goods from Orlando, Florida, and nearly every piece sold through Storeenvy sends a rebellious or apathetic message, or incorporates the symbolism often linked to secret societies and the Illuminati.

Hidden Citizen Club joins the growing number of clothing companies that target younger consumers with fashion items that promote rebellion and apathy, as well as support the symbols that are commonly associated with secret societies and other groups known for holding onto agendas that are less favorable for the greater public. Some of the symbolism and messages that the company’s clothing design embraces include:

New World Order and ‘666’

Hidden Citizen Club likes to use a lot of play on words in the descriptions for many of their clothing pieces. For example, the Creep Squad “Suck my Cool” T-shirt references “Leaders of the COOL WORLD ORDER AKA HIDDEN CITIZEN CLUB” in its description. The ‘cool world order’ is a blatant play on words for ‘New World Order,’ which is the theorized movement of the elite to move towards a one-power government for the world. The shirt incidentally sells for $6.66, which we all know as to be the same digits identified as ‘the Number of the Beast.’

Skull and Bones

While the logo for Hidden Citizen Club already incorporates a sort of secret society Skull and Bones design, it also appears in several different pieces sold by the business, such as the Guap God Crew.

Rebellion and Chaos

The words ‘No Peace Til’ We Get a Piece’ are found underneath the graphic portion of the Guap God Crew. This is the kind of message that encourages some youths to pursue material items and money at any costs. If there is no peace in the world, then there is chaos. What are we to expect if those interpreting this message don’t get ‘their piece?’

Youths with this sort of mentality are more apt to commit crimes and lead a reckless life. Just take a look at the recent case of 24-year-old Qawmane Wilson, who paid someone to murder his mother so that he could empty her bank accounts and cash in on her insurance policy. As a spoiled child who clearly shows a brain-washed, sense of entitlement that seems molded by absorbing the lifestyle glorified in videos of the kind of music he listens to, he admitted that ‘greed’ led to the murder of his mother.

Freemasonry& 33 Degrees

The T-shirt ’33 Degrees’ with the words Number of the Master is a direct reference to Masonic symbolism and belief system of this secret society.

Inverted Crosses

A hoodie with an upside down American-flag looking design with an inverted cross where the stars are normally positioned is the bulk of the Zombie Nation Hood.

The Owl

Known for having a place in secret society circles and the occult, the owl is a symbol that many see as representing wisdom. Hidden Citizen Club sells sweaters made for females that come in red or black. The description that accompanies the piece is: “Owllife is the way of life for the children of the night, those who embrace the Hidden Citizen Club and the knowledge that comes when we dare to peer past the darkness.” The language clearly indicates that it is for ‘children of the night.’