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On august 29 I have preformed a following experiment: after winding my coil on top of a dobble magnet I hocked it in series with an electric motor and pumped 24 volts through. The motor started spinning. After experimenting with various motors for about 20 minutes I hooked up another motor. After that when I touched my hand with a scalar beamer I could feel a small tingling on my hand and it didn’t sop until I took away a scalar beamer. After about 30-40 minutes of working I placed again a scalar beamer close to my hand but not touching it and I could feel a frequency in my hand that came from a motor at exactly the spot where I was pointing a transducer’s output. After the success I stopped my experiments and looked at the time. My experiments took me 45 minutes but it seemed for me as if few minutes.
As to conclusion: There are two main factors that I found worthwhile doing more research upon.
1) The time seemed to simply fly by during my experiments.
2) The feel for the frequency of a motor.
3) During my experiments I had a dreamy ass if under some hypnotic state feeling and could not think straight and everything seemed a bit blended.
1) The next day I found a reasonable explanation. This was not time shift change simply because all the watches around a house went at a same rate. But I think a caduceus coil emits some sort energy possibly scalar energy that slows down your brain’s frequency. Sort of like slowing down 2 kHz computer to about 1hz. The computer would work very slowly but for the computer a simple operation would seem same speed as if 2ghz same here all your time senses (inner clock is slowed down and so does your perception of external time. Therefore you actually slowing down your self in your inner time and not the external time.
2) The feel of a frequency of a motor. When I brought close an emitter about 1 cm to my hand I could feel a small tingling as if I touched a vibrating something. After some puzzling times I found a reasonable explanation to this phenomena to. Lets say that the coil emits something. And it had been proven by some not so famous researchers that cells radiate energy and they communicate between each other. Now lets say we interrupt a communication signal and input a strong frequency signal on a sells sensitive receiver. Then this would influence on every parameter of a sell. Such as if you generate a strong magnetic signal on a radio and suddenly you hear a signal that makes interference. Now we basically create same signal playing all over the sell. But this effect is not easily achieved you need to point the coil on a spot for about 10 minutes if you are focused it will sim to you just a few minutes. Basically at that 10 minute time we brake a safety of a sell and then when all the protection is gone the sell starts to amplify and transmitter a signal to your brain.
3) The filling is a result of same reasons as in the #1.

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