Horror Movie Facts: Halloween and More

Another movie that enjoyed a long line of film sequels and fan attention was ‘Halloween,’ which focused on the murderous thirst of Michael Myers. No matter what Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of the characters did to put an end to his killing sprees, he seemed to find a way to make it to another movie. In this article, you will encounter ‘Halloween’ movie facts, as well as trivia concerning ‘Evil Dead.’

“Halloween” (1978)

For a horror movie produced in the late 70’s, you really can’t tell that the film was created with an extremely small budget. That’s the beauty of the movie , that you can stay completely engrossed with the plot and not pay attention to all the special effect perks of the competition.

Michael Myers is a mental patient that constantly finds new and inventive ways to escape. Hot on his trail is Dr. Loomis, who is one of the most knowledgeable professionals regarding the Myers case. Myers was six years old when he brutally murdered his teenage sister in 1963. The crime took place on Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois. The movie begins with Myers escaping from the sanitarium in 1978 , around the same time as Halloween. There is no doubt that he will kill again (if you couldn’t tell by the eerie music soundtrack.

The movie worked with an extremely small budget and the prop department unknowingly made an iconic decision when they were sent to find the cheapest mask to represent Michael Myers. They came back with a Captain Kirk (William Shatner) mask. They painted it white, make the hair stick straight up and enlarged the eye holes.

Once again, the budget was so small that all the actors wore their own clothes. Jamie Lee Curtis went to J.C. Penny and gathered up clothing that cost less than $100 for her wardrobe.

Aren’t you glad that production didn’t go with the original title for the film, “The Babysitter Murders?”

‘Halloween’ marked the first feature film for Jamie Lee Curtis.

Comedian Dana Carvey credits the second sequel to ‘Halloween’ as his debut in the movie world. In his scene, a blond reporter is speaking to him as they stand in front of the Doyle house.

Evil Dead (1991)

When five friends gather at a cabin in the woods, they stumble upon an evil that lurks in the forest. They discover the Necronomicon and the taped translation of the text. After the tape has been played, the evil is released. One by one, the friends fall victim to the evil , transforming into deadly zombies. The movie goes on to show only one friend remaining and it is up to him to survive the rest of the night , in an attempt to battle the evil and win.

The movie was filmed in an authentic abandoned cabin. To simulate zombie guts, the filmmakers used creamed corn that had been dyed green. Interestingly, the movie was turning into a Broadway musical in 2006.