Horror Movie Facts: The Exorcist and Scream

During the 1970’s, demon possession was a popular topic of conversation after “The Exorcist” hit the movie theaters. In this article, you will learn facts centered on the movie, as well as trivia concerning the wildly popular, ‘Scream’ movie.

The Exorcist (1974)

With unforgettable special effects, including the spinning of the main character’s head and an uncomfortable vomit scene, The Exorcist touched upon subjects that brought religion and horror together. The plot told the story of a visiting actress in Washington, D.C. who starts to notice intense changes in the behavior (as well as the physical presence) 12-year-old daughter. The movie also involves a young priest who is at a crossroads with his faith and an elderly priest who sees it necessary to defeat the demon within the young girl. The Exorcist would go on to produce sequels.

When you’re listening to the sound that the demon Regan’s body makes, the real sound comes from pigs being herded in for slaughter.

The evangelist Billy Graham made the claim that a real demon lived in the celluloid reels of the movie.

Could you have pictured Dana Plato (from the TV show “Diff’rent Strokes”) playing the role of Regan MacNeil? The actress was actually considered for the part before she became the infamous Kimberley Drummond.

During the filming of the movie, Ellen Burstyn (who plays the mother of the female lead) suffered a permanent spinal injury when the harness that held her in a scene jerked away too hard.

Inflation plays a role in sizing up the success of horror movies with one another. For instance, if adjusted to meet current money values, The Exorcist would be known as the top grossing R-rated film of all time, as well as the highest grossing film of all time for Warner Brothers.

Scream (2000)

With a few laughs thrown in for good measure, “Scream” is a movie that centers on what happens when pranks turn deadly. The first movie in a line of sequels debuted in theater in 2000 and has included an array of well-known actors and actresses, including Neve Campbell, Jada Pinkett, and Drew Barrymore.

The infamous mask used in Scream was based on a painting by Edvard Munch titled “The Scream.”

Courtney Cox and David Arquette met and fell in love while filming the Scream movies. She played the obnoxious reporter and he played the uncoordinated officer, whose sister in the film eventually winds up dead.

A cameo in the film is Linda Blair, who played Regan MacNeil in “The Exorcist”. She is the woman who says, “People want to know, they have a right to know.”

In order to keep Drew Barrymore looking scared and crying while she was filming her scenes, director Wes Craven told her true stories about animal cruelty. Since she is an animal lover, the sadness on her face is authentic.