How Did ‘Boy Meets World’ Actors Get Entangled in an Illuminati Conspiracy?

Over the past couple of months, there’s been increasing alk about cast members of the Boy Meets World TV show (the one with the Corey and Topanga love story) being involved in some sort of Illuminati conspiracy. The topic of discussion has been catching the attention of the social media world because the accusation is rather hard to believe, but somewhere… somehow…a seed has been planted in the mind of some that there could be some truth to this Illuminati-related theory.

The Internet has been abuzz with a handful of odd messages left on Illuminati conspiracy theorist sites, which entangle the cast of Boy Meets World with the Illuminati. Apparently, most recently an actress by the name of Keegan Allen, who appears on the show Pretty Little Liars’, supposedly let the cat out of the bag by claiming the case were part of a ‘ring of Illuminati members.’ The source of the news is now believed to have come from someone using Allen’s identity and spreading false rumors about the cast.

However, the theories surrounding the Boy Meets World cast (and the show itself) supporting the Illuminati are nothing new, and if you visit a Tumblr for Disney’s Boy Meets World Illuminati, then you’ll encounter a wealth of images, posts, and theories centered on the television series. The Tumblr blog states that it is dedicated to exposing the Illuminati, Freemason, and occult symbolism found in both Boy Meets World, and Girl Meets World. While some of the claims appear over-the-top and outrageous, it still attracts the curious who come to ‘connect the dots.’

The owner of the blog makes it clear that they don’t believe the actors and actresses associated with the shows are part of the Illuminati, but they feel the cast are being used as ‘Illuminati puppets.’ They do however state that the cast worships Satan, and participate in Satanic activities. The site points out the actions of the cast members. For example, in October of 2013, actress Danielle Fishel, who played Topagna in Boy Meets World, uploaded a photo of herself onto her Instagram account where she was wearing a shirt with the all-seeing eye symbolism often associated with the Illuminati.

Boy Meets World was a popular TV show that lasted from 1993 to 2000, following the adolescent main character, Cory Matthews (played by Ben Savage), as he grows up and takes on the typical issues that arise with family, friends and school. Many episodes featured his love interest, Topanga, as well as his best friend and older brother. Why in the world would people find the cast of Boy Meets World guilty of supporting the Illuminati? Were millions of youths subjected to Illuminati symbolism, as they watched the adventures of Corey, Topanga, and Shawn?

For starters, the show was the brainchild of Disney – a giant in the entertainment world with a reputation for molding MK Ultra Sex Kittens, and shaping wounded youths who often take a turn for the worse in adulthood. Speaking on the Illuminati and other disturbing symbolism associated with Disney business ventures and its productions are a whole ‘nother topic. Have you ever heard of Mickey Mouse programming?

A lot of people mention ‘Topanga’s Doughnut Dance’ which some have pointed out looks ritualistic and appears as if she is making the Illuminati ‘triangle’ sign with her hands as she reaches up to the sky. Some have compared her gestures with that of Anton LaVey and his Satanist followers. Others have accused the show of embracing single-eye symbolism, which they believe was sneakily inserted in various shows.

Lastly, Danielle’s younger brother, Chris Fishel, has his own production company which he called ‘New View Pictures,’ and the logo that represents the company is too much of a coincidence to ignore – an upside-down pyramid that is illuminated on the bottom.