How to Attract Fairies

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I often go out to the countryside to visit my mother. Her home is like a magnet; it draws you in from the street. Walking up to her porch, one cannot mistake how the air sparkles. Even the cares of the world, which have been weighing down your shoulders, seem to melt away into the earth along the pathway like rainwater. I am not the only one drawn to mother’s house. Several years ago mother came upon an old, out-of-print fairy book at a library book sale. Within these pages she learned how to attract fairies. Since then, her home has been the refuge of human and fairy alike. The following suggestions will help you create a fairy-welcoming atmosphere in your home:

The most effective way to invite fairies to your home is to plant their favorite flowers. Fairies share the same habitat as hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Flowers that attract these creatures will also attract fairies.Bluebells, foxglove, forget-me-nots, heather, hollyhocks, lilacs, lilies, marigolds, pansies, peonies, primrose, and roses are flowers beloved by the wee folk.

In addition to flowers, clover, ferns, and thyme are plants especially attractive to fairies. Oak trees hold special powers for fairies.

Since fairies are sensitive, it is best not to refer to them directly. They find the name “fairy” particularly offensive. If you must talk about them, you may use the terms: wee folk, good folk, or the gentry.

Fairies enjoy both well-manicured and wild areas in gardens. It is good idea to reserve a special corner in your garden for fairy use. Placing a special statue or a small fountain in such an area is much appreciated by the wee folk.

Leave out a food offering over night. Fairies especially love dairy products, bread, cakes, and cookies. Don’t despair if in the morning it doesn’t look like the meal has been eaten. Fairies are able to extract the essence of food without physically eating it. Food should be discarded after a day or two, since it will have little nutritional value left for the fairy. If an animal should approach the food don’t chase it away! Sometimes a shy fairy will assume the shape of an animal to accept its present.

Fairies love water. Fountains, bird baths, ponds, and streams will all attract fairies.

Abodes of various types are appreciated by fairies. Using rocks, caves can be made at the base of rose bushes. A bird-house can be easily adapted for fairy use by adding bright colors, dollhouse furniture, and glitter to the inside. Toadstools and mushrooms (real or fake) are also a favorite of the wee folk. Colored stones and crystals, especially in a water-filled bird-bath, will attract fairies.

Set aside a table top or a corner for an altar, where you can leave offerings for your fairy friends in a basket. Offerings may be food, flowers, herbs, pretty leaves, stones, or anything else you think your fairy might like.

Keep your home reasonably tidy, as fairies hate a mess.

Most important of all, you must cultivate a sense of reverence, wonder, and fun””as these are qualities necessary to befriend a fairy.

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