How to Give Herbal Remedies to Babies and Toddlers

In this article, we will take a look at some of the herbal remedies used to treat the conditions and occurrences that affect babies and toddlers. Since the young do not easily accept some of these natural treatments, many parents look for a few tricks to consider when administering herbal remedies to fussy babies and uncooperative toddlers.


Whether you are treating common ailments, such as earache or helping ease the tension of the avoidable teething stage experienced by babies, there are many different herbal remedy approaches to consider. Sometimes giving herbal treatments to the young is not as easy as administering meds to a child who can swallow pills or accept oral solutions with guidance.


Since there are numerous herbs used to treat patients of all ages, babies are tricky when it comes to giving and accepting these natural treatments. Often, parents have to rely on using disguising techniques and harmless trickery to get their little ones the much-needed remedies that nature offers. So, when it comes to an herb possessing a bitter taste, there is no way a baby will accept this remedy without putting up a fight.


When an herb has a bitter taste, you should seek out the powdered form of the plant. Sprinkling the powder on food items is a good way to mask the unpleasant taste associated with bitter herbs. A good suggestion that has worked for many parents is to use peanut butter as a spread upon bread to hide the use of bitter-tasting herbs. Parents have always been known to take advantage of favorite foods when it comes to disguising the use of herbs as treatment.


When looking for a way to get herbal seeds consumed, the perfect food item that camouflages this natural treatment method is breakfast cereal. This approach has been known to work wonders when a parent is trying to administer or add herbal seeds to their child’s diet. Before adding milk to the breakfast cereal, you should mix the herbal seeds well with the rest of the food content.


Distraction and playfulness is a great way to administer herbal remedies in the form of tinctures to your child. First, you should dilute the dose you intend to use by adding a little bit of warm water. With a pipette or small straw in hand, try making this herbal remedy seem like a fun game to your baby. Try squirting drops of the tincture onto the tongue of your child, making sure to laugh as you do so. A smile on your face is enough to calm down any apprehensive baby.


Juices are a great way to administer infusions and tinctures to a baby when there is no other immediate way to please your young one. While any juice may disguise the tastes and presence of some herbal remedies, black current or cranberry juice are thought to be some of the best when it comes to treating babies the natural way. If your child has a history of constipation, you should add a bit of pasteurized honey to the juice to combat this problem.