How to heal original sin

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“There’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind driving you mad.” Morpheus in The Matrix

What if the human condition could be explained by the revelation from some little known ancient texts about the true history behind the mythology of the ‘original sin?’

Hello, my name is Mary Magdeline. Well, not really but when I realized the content of the book that was ‘coming through me’ I decided to use a pen name. You see, my grandmothers’ names actually are Mary and Magdeline. I honor my grandmothers.

I also wanted to put a little buffer between all those nasty people out there that are hatemongering against anyone that doesn’t believe as they do. Plus all those who haven’t done any research but when they come across information that is too big to swallow, attack others in order to feel safe or superior. There does tend to be a lot of unkindness out there, especially from those who claim to be following loving teachings.

Look, I get it. Human beings are set up to fear or attack that which stirs our unconscious content. And by accepting the fact that humans are not the epitome of creation, it does alter the current paradigm. At least half of the population on earth can tolerate the fact that more advanced civilizations exist in this vast galaxy, even interdimensionally.

Many inconsistencies are taught in religion and I too, did not believe in the concept of ‘original sin’, certainly not the way it was presented.  But my curiosity and deep ability to see beyond the surface of things led me to information I sometimes wish I’d never come across!

According to a growing number of religious scholars, archaeologists and historians, advanced beings mated with primitive man many thousands of years ago: “There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them.”

That is just the Biblical account. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Book of Enoch, Sumerian texts, as well as countless similar stories in other cultures mention ‘other worldly’ incidents and phenomena that can easily be explained by the use of highly advanced technology most likely from other worlds.

The original meaning for the word ‘sin’ was ‘mistake.’ Although evolutionary meanderings can hardly be called mistakes, this intervention did leave a mark of which humanity still carries the brunt of today. I believe it made wo/man, for the most part, weak and insane.

Think about it. Even if these advanced beings were somewhat compatible genetically to prehistoric humans, the information differential would be an awfully big download all of a sudden. Like putting all the information from computers today into the first home computer from 30 years ago. It would not be a pretty sight. Although it might be a major advancement, there would certainly also be some damage.

For one, according to the texts the advanced beings heads were bigger. Wouldn’t that explain why, of all creatures on Godde’s earth, human beings are the only creatures who have unbearably painful births?

These stories of advanced beings mating with primitive earthlings took place in the Mesopotamia , one of the most continually violent places of strife on earth. Where, by the way, women still feel the need to cover their entire bodies. Coincidence?

Humanity is once again on the verge of an evolutionary leap equivalent to the jump from reptiles to mammals. One would have to be severely disassociated not to feel it in the noosphere. The original meaning for the word ‘meek’ meant ‘the prepared.’ Are you meek enough to grasp the changes?