How to Make a Faith Bracelet

A commitment to fidelity comes in many different forms. For some couples, they rely on the stars above or whispering magical sweet nothings into one another’s ear. In this article, you are introduced to a love pledge that involves the creation of a faith bracelet. Together, you will cast a spell on a waxing or full moon , on a Saturday, which is the day of Saturn with the serious mind.

Before casting your spell, you will need to gather the following materials:

3 sterile fine sewing needles
10 pieces of dried holly, juniper, and mistletoe berries
1 piece of black thread (measuring 30 inches long)
1 white candle (6 to 8 inches long)
1 red candle (6 to 8 inches long)
1 green candle (6 to 8 inches long)
Matches or lighter
1 pot with a lid
2 Band-aids

How to Cast the Spell

Cast a circle before performing the spell. With your partner by your side, recite: “We are present in this circle/ To seal out love and commitment/ To each other/ May vows made here/ Hold for one year.” Next, thread the needle, making sure to double the thread. End by fastening it with a large knot. With another needle, prick your thumb and squeeze the skin until a drop of blood appears. Smear the blood on the thread. Place a band-aid on the pricked spot and immediately throw away the needle that you used for the blood.

Your partner should follow your lead, but use the remaining sterile needle. He or she should place their blood on another part of the thread, making sure not to co-mingle your offering. Onto the thread, sew five holly berries. Light the white candle and say “That we keep faith.” Thread on the juniper berries and light the red candle. Recite the following: “that faith holds true.” Repeat this process with the mistletoe berries and light the green candle. Recite: “That love flourishes under this pledge.”

After tying the berries into a circle, fasten the string of thread. The faith bracelet is then hung over your fireplace, mantle, or its equivalent for one year and a day.

The Significance of Berries

In traditional circles, berries are used in love pledges because they are respected for the nourishment they provide as a fruit and the seed is viewed as a symbol of what can grow in the future. In this particular spell, the berries are paired with a blood pact called a ‘blood pledge.’ It is this practice that connects the act to magic. For some people, obtaining blood for this spell can make them feel uncomfortable. Saliva has been used as a suitable replacement. However, if you choose to use a needle to prick blood, make sure that it is sterile and that you do not leave behind any wounds that do not heal properly.

Source: The Spells Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher