How to Prepare a Borage Herbal Remedy

Although the borage plant is a restricted herb in Australia and New Zealand, other parts of the world have benefited from the use of the plant to make effective herbal remedies. Whether you suffer from a nagging cough or have experienced an event that has caused a great amount of grief, borage herbal remedies are perfect for treating the many ups and downs we face in the world of medicine.


When turning to the borage plant for an effective approach towards eradicating a certain health concern, you need to know that the leaves, seeds, and flowers of the plant work in many different ways. The leaves are often chopped or turned into a juice that allows individuals to treat problems, such as fever that arrives at the start of another medical mishap. The seeds contain oil that helps with issues, such as menstruation disorders. Traditionally and even in today’s day and age, the flowers of borage carry great relief when used as a cough syrup.


Borage leaves are responsible for a multitude of herbal remedy approaches. One of the most popular ways to prepare the herb for treatment is to make an infusion, which helps those battling the early stages of lung disorders or colds where fever is a main component. To stimulate milk flow, lactating mothers may combine the herb with fennel to promote the act without turning to any prescription medication to help. Tinctures are also rather effective. Taking 10 milliliters for three times per day, helps to ease the symptoms related to steroid therapy, as well as bouts of stress.


The leaves also make a juice that aids in depression, grief, and anxiety. When you pulp the fresh leaves and drink 10 milliliters of the juice for three times per day, you may ease the tension you feel. A lotion made from the leaves is prepared when the juice is diluted with an equal volume of water. Rashes that appear from nervous behaviors, or skin that is dry and irritated , the lotion works wonders.


Borage seeds are made into capsules that possess a certain amount of oil from the plant. When taking 500 milligrams of oil capsules on a daily basis (such as a supplement), you may ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis or eczema. The oil is also known to help with an irregular menstrual cycle and irritable bowel syndrome. The herbal remedy also makes a great emergency remedy for hangovers. The recommended dosage is 1 gram.


The purple flowers that grace the borage plant can be used to create a syrup that is constructed after completing an infusion. This remedy is used as an expectorant for coughs. When the flowers are blended with mullein or marshmallow flowers, a better-rounded treatment is prepared. It is suggested to use fresh flowers when preparing an herbal remedy consisting of borage.