How to Prepare Cinnamon Natural Remedies

The bark, twigs, and essential oil of cinnamon can be found in a variety of forms, such as tinctures, capsules, and massage oils. When you wish to create some of these effective medicinal remedies on your own, cinnamon herbal remedies can be constructed within the comforts of your own home. This natural treatment approach may also be inhaled, as well as applied as a compress. This article explores a wide-range of options.


When it comes to using parts of the cinnamon plant to create herbal remedies, there are many different methods to consider. With any herbal remedy, you have to exercise caution and care when administering these ingredients. This is because some people have been known to suffer side effects from herbal treatments because they have taken too much (overdose) or did not prepare the mixtures in a proper manner.


As you begin to explore the world of cinnamon natural treatments, you should know that when pregnant, you should refrain from using therapeutic doses of the herb. This is especially true when speaking of the cinnamon essential oil, which is known to stimulate uterine action. Also, the herb should be used with caution if you are situated in an overheated environment or you are suffering from a fever.


When preparing the bark of cinnamon for an herbal treatment, you will concentrate on three different approaches. The first is called a decoction and it can eliminate chronic diarrhea, as well as symptoms of a weakened kidney. When suffering from the common cold and the symptoms associated with it, cinnamon bark decoctions also help. A tincture is created when herbs are soaked in an alcohol solution, such as vodka. Cinnamon tinctures when diluted with 5ml of hot water, can treat the signs of colds and chills. Colds, kidney ailments, and digestion problems are also helped when using the bark of cinnamon in its powder or capsule form.


The essential oil of cinnamon is quite potent. When dissolving five drops of the oil in boiling water, an individual may inhale the contents in regards to the steam. Whenever you suffer from a cough or any other respiratory irritation, you may inhale the essential oil of cinnamon as a natural treatment. The essential oil also makes great massage oil, which eases the signs of stomach chills, stomach colic, as well as diarrhea. Individuals have found great results when diluting 10 drops of cinnamon oil with 25 ml of almond or sunflower oil.


Cinnamon twigs also make a great herbal treatment. Using the twigs to make a decoction helps to ease the discomfort of stomach chills and colds. Twigs also have the ability to stimulate the circulatory system. It is also an ingredient that mixes well with ginger. Twigs used in a tincture can be diluted with 5 ml of hot water to create a less potent decoction as well. If you soak a pad in a decoction made from twigs or a diluted tincture, you may ease the pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism with this compress.