How to raise your vibration

High vibration is a prerequisite for good health and happy life and our vibrations govern our lives, so how can we raise the vibration of our physical bodies and our consciousness?

Raising the vibration of the physical body

Everything in this world is composed only of the energy of different vibrations and densities, so the physical body represents very condensed energy. Everything alive in the world vibrates with the constant vibration of the Earth, while the man with his consciousness can raise or lower that vibration.

Nutrition is the number one item we need to take into account if we want to heal ourselves. Like everything else in this world, food consists of energy from different vibrations, and for the body to be healthy, it is necessary to cut everything that lowers the vibration and increases the intake of those products that raise it. For starters, all-natural and raw foods have a higher vibration than industrial products of any kind. Everything that is in its original state is more vibration than processed. However, the same type of food does not have to have the same vibration. It also depends on the method of cultivation. Organic vegetables certainly have a higher vibration than GMO products, as well as those treated with various pesticides or grown on contaminated soil.

The mass transition to vegetarianism and veganism at a time of raising the consciousness of all humankind is a logical consequence. As everything is subordinated to profit, it became a rule that animals are raised and kept in a small space, which leads to depressive states, aggression, and fear, so the meat of extremely low vibration reaches us. Squeeze the orange rather than drink the juice. Buy food at the market, forget about industrial products. Introduce into your diet as many fruits and vegetables, seeds, everything that Mother Nature generously gives us, and increase the amount of water you take into the body. Water is neutral, neither positive nor negative, and is a great cleanser. Besides, water reacts to the vibrations of consciousness, changing its crystal structure, and if you want to increase its vibration, thank it for the health it brings you before you drink it. Give thanks for the meal, before you eat it, and in that state of gratitude, start your meal. Raise the basic vibration of your body, and it will respond to you with good health.

Raising the vibration of consciousness

Much of what we think and feel daily stems from habit and becomes our energy imprint, i.e. what people remember us by. Thoughts and feelings are seen on the face and create an expression that stems from the prevailing mood. And the mood is a long-lasting thought, emotion, vibration.
All our energy bodies vibrantly correspond to different levels of our consciousness. To achieve the state of enlightenment we experience when our consciousness reaches the level of the crown chakra, it is necessary to remove all energy blockages. An enlightened man has no disease because the disease needs “pollution” of the energy body in the form of energy blockages, and enlightenment is complete cleansing from them.

All blockages occur when a person does not behave and act in accordance with his higher consciousness, whenever his inner being does not harmonize with the external manifestation in the form of the human individual. The greatest challenge of man on the path of spiritual upliftment and raising of his vibration is to recognize and overcome his ego, all those programs that are implanted in us according to which we consciously function in the material world and with which we identify. The state of enlightenment is a state in which the ego no longer has any control over the individual. An enlightened person lives constantly in high vibrations.
Low vibration emotions such as shame, regret, fear, guilt, apathy, pride, and anger are food for the ego, while high vibration emotions such as peace, love, joy, acceptance, understanding, courage, compassion, and of course, enlightenment, are food for our soul, for our true self.