How to Treat Styes With Herbal Treatments

Whether you are braving windy weather, which is filled with dust and grime or suffer from eye strain because you are spending too much time in front of the computer, there are many natural remedies to consider when it comes to easing the symptoms of eye complaints. In this article, we will take a look at treating styes with herbal treatments.


When a stye erupts at the base of the eyelashes, an inflammation has struck the glands in this area. Style develop when a bacterial infection has settled into the eye, which means that the victim is probably in need of a good night’s sleep. When looking for the perfect treatment regarding this ailment, it is important to also find rest, relaxation, and eat good food.


A compress made from marigold offers an effective astringent and antiseptic, which has a reputation for bringing about a remedy that treats local skin infections and inflammations. The ingredients needed to make such a compress include 25 grams of dried pot marigold petals and 500 ml of water. In order to make the compress, you should boil a fresh pot of water. Next, you should pour the boiling hot water onto the pot marigold petals. The herbs should be allowed to steep for 10 minutes and then strain.


Once the infusion has cooled enough for one to handle without getting burned, a small square of muslin or other fabric should be soaked with the liquid. To apply the infusion, you should wring out the fabric and apply it to the style, as you hold it to the affected area until the compress becomes cooler. Throughout the day, you can repeat the process with a refreshed compress. It is a remedy that can be applied frequently after reheating the infusion if it has become too cooled off. Eventually, the infection will subside, but it is always important to make a new infusion for the start of each day. This will prevent the further spreading.


In addition to using an infusion made from pot marigold petals, you may also turn towards supplementary treatments to cure a stye. For starters, it is common for someone with a weakened immune system to suffer from a stye. To increase the strength of the immune system, you should take two 200 mg of echinacea capsules for three times per day. You may also create an infusion that can be drunk two to three times per day. This infusion will consist of cleavers, Ju Hua (which are dried Chinese chrysanthemum flowers), fumitory, as well as burdock leaf.


While pot marigold petals work well with treating eye problems, you may also want to turn to this herbal remedy for a wide-range of other health concerns. Pot marigold infusions treat menopausal issues, painful periods, gastritis, as well as an inflammation of the esophagus. Tinctures made from the pot marigold petals can be used to treat liver problems, as well as irregular menstruation. Varicose ulcers and slowly healing wounds can be treated with a pot marigold compress. A pot marigold mouthwash created from an infusion can be used to alleviate gum disease and mouth ulcers.