Human Brain – The Fruit Of Knowledge

A long time ago only one humanoid race existed in the universe, these people
have become known as angels. Angels are the star makers and they fight the
serpents of darkness. They have ships bigger than this earth and technology
beyond our wildest dreams and they are flesh and blood. The frontline angel
warrior stands twelve feet in height has strawberry blond hair and bright
blue eyes, their woman are the same but not quite as big. The Angels are the
height of evolution. They realized you are what you think and if you only
think good thoughts you will look better and better. The king of the angels
is called God and there is only one king. The sign of the angel is the + or
the square as to build you must use right angles, and the more you build the
more you can protect yourself to maintain order, so the + is the sign of
order. (masons)
The serpent hides in the darkness and once the angels were serpents, but
some serpents started thinking good thoughts and in time they lost their
scales and evolved skin then finally evolved into the goodest looking beings
ever. At some stage an undetected serpent infiltrated an angelic base and
somehow tricked some angels intinto cannibalism, or eating from the fruit of
knowledge, your apple or your head, serpents love to eat angels. These
angels who turned cannibal were the first vampires, and they thought up a
plan to take over the kingdom of god, which like the united kingdom is a
real kingdom.
When these vampires fell they were not thrown, they fled with the purpose to
hide, and within planet earth they went, with their new serpent friends
In time some of their children left the evil underworld and went to the
earths surface, these people are known as the Aryans, they lived in India
and wrote the hindu doctrines in Sanskrit (see history of india in world
book to verify this) incidentally Aryan in Sanskrit means landlord, Iran was
named after the Aryans and the Persians called their language Aryan, in
Sanskrit mother and father is Mata and fata, it is our base language,
swastika is Sanskrit and it means to be well, it is not a German word,
though Sanskrit is the base language to all Germanic tongues, and ours.
The risen angels soon realized the fallen can win so they used the greatest
camouflage the invisible cloak, just like predator. Now every time the
angels showed themselves the jeopardized the war so they rarely show
themselves, we confuse this with free will.
The angels have great hospitals and they never die, they also have dna
technology and they can move souls from body to body. If we have good when
we die the angels pick up our souls take them to heaven where another body
is waiting for us, so we are in heaven as we are on earth. The souls who
have no good are left and they become demons who inhabit the living, as they
have no bodies. When Jesus enoch & Mohammed ascended they were picked up by
an angelic ship, Jesus is alive and well and is orbiting the earth at 20 000
feet, and he will return in this ship, see revelations.
The fallen use the occult and free masons as their army, and they also use
the + as their sign, so both sides need some sort of order,  they also use
women on the frontline. Other words for the craft are cainites, antidulsion,
cammarilla, the kindred or just plain stinking witches and they are all in
the great masquerade. At the top of the craft there is always cannibalism,
witches do eat children. see trepan.
So the fallen had the technology to keep their army alive forever, and what
do they do, they only keep their vampires alive and they let the stupid
witches die and suffer, good one witches. IDIOTS Right now the battle is
coming to an end as the devil worshippers are finally realising that the
modern Christian has got everything wrong, and god is not nothing, infact
the angels are the bravest warriors who have ever existed, and they hate
cannibals, as they are vegetarians and they eat heaps of sugar, the angels
are actually making clones of the putrid witches so they can be tortured to
death more than once, as the angels are sick of watching cannibals, soon the
angels will walk amongst men and the witch shall get her due.
Yours sincerely templar


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