Humanity (Part II)

Humanity, as described in the first article has the unique capacity to create objects from matter outside its own body. Humanity can create matter from its though. This capacity is similar to what god did while creating the universe. In the bible, it is written that in the beginning (Genesis: “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”) what god said became reality. God’s thought became matter as our thought can become matter through our body manipulating the matter outside our body. How can we have this capacity? If we are build in the same way as other animals, what happened to make us capable of creation? Can we find the answer in our DNA?

If we listen to the Darwin theory, everything is due to a slow evolution through genetic mutation. These mutation are known to appear randomly. In fact, this theory is not complete and Darwin himself, before death confess his ignorance about how species have been created. Indeed, his theory can only explain changes in a particular specie but not the creation of a new one. Immanuel Velikovsky explained that important mutations could happened during a world cataclysm, as the Earth become so uninhabitable that new species can appear suddenly (due to nuclear radioactivity which can be the consequence of the cataclysm). Does, million year ago, a cataclysm happened on Earth generating mutation which would create the human as we are?

If we study our DNA, we find that the human genome contains 223 genes that do not have ancestor anywhere on Earth. The particularity of human seems to sit there in these 223 unique genes. These genes didn’t come from a normal Darwinian evolution but through a sudden addition (it can’t even be explained by mutations). Is there another explanation? Zacharia Sitchin who wrote “the twelfth Planet” say that the creation of humans have been made by extraterrestrial beings during the past to serve them as robots. They created us from monkey DNA and their own DNA (creation capable). In fact Sitchin say that these extraterrestrial beings are the gods of the ancient mythologies. Anyway, our creation power would make us capable to create a new specie too in the future. What will think this new specie? What a robot would think of its creator? Will it describes their creator(s) as a whole (one god=humanity) or as robot-like creatures (gods = humans)? The robots themselves would be able to creates new species in a even more far future. Does it have an end? Does it have a beginning?