Humans And Nature

Nature is everywhere, everything is a part of it. Humans often declare themselves outside nature and define them as above nature. They define what they do as artificial. Is that right to think that way?

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution and many studies that showed that humans come from a primary organism at the beginning of life (the ancestor of all life on Earth), we are part of nature as well. Thus, anything we create is part of nature as the beaver’s house are part of nature. Artificial objects are also natural objects.

In fact any sciences see humans as part of nature, it is their goal to understand and then apply nature’s law. In this perspective, human is a living organism as any other, following nature’s laws. Everything human does is in the limit of nature’s law. Thus humans are not above nature be inside its limits. Even pollution is a natural process. It would be defined, in this perspective as any actions that affect badly (destructive) our environment for a human point of view.

But nature has a more “natural” definition which defines any objects and facts that are build without the use of human mind as natural. While humans constructions and inventions are defined as artificial. This second definition is in conflict with the first one (the science point of view).

Our life (the human society in general) is based on the separation between human life (civilizations) and the animal life (wildness). There are no reason for this separation in Darwin’s theory. Thus, something must be wrong in this theory, or maybe only the interpretation which say that human followed the same process of evolution that all the other animals did. Probably something in the past happened to create humanity from something stranger to the Earth (Exogenesis ?)

The two definitions are in fact the same at two different scales. Humans are part of nature at a universal level (scientific point of view) while they are not at a Earthly scale (social point of view). Nature is thus the set of rules that govern a specific scale. Humans don’t follow the rules of Earth, they are destroying it. It is a little like when you try to put a shape (ex: a square) in hole shaped differently (ex: a triangle). Because the square doesn’t follow the same rules as the triangle hole, it will break (enlarge) the hole if you force too much on it.