Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – are they the result of collective karma?

The doctrine of Karma is analogous to Newtons’s III law “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In the laws of existence of humanity, what we sow surely do we reap, either as an individual or collectively as a society.  When we do even a small amount of good, the returns are manifold in many ways, they have a ripple effect.  But, unfortunately, so is the case with negative activities, and irresponsible behaviours.


Modern humanity has been exploiting natural resources mindlessly, using modern gadgets without regard to the ecological imbalances thus produced, and ethically showing disrespectful attitude to nature.  We have lost touch with mother Nature, and live cocooned lives far away from Nature.  It is quite true that natural disasters can never be totally avoided, but the impact that they have on a populace can be minimized.  We live in concrete jungles, with heavy population density in particular places instead of a well spread-out pattern of human settlement.  Our sky-scrapers become veritable death traps when disasters come calling; people are too reluctant to let go of their material possessions, as they have earned it with great pains.  The gadgets that we use everyday add to the environmental pollution, causing ecological imbalances, attracting lethal natural reactions.  There are reports that the current spate of hurricanes may have the origin  in global warming and the consequent increase of oceanic temperatures!  This is a direct fall out of our too much of CFC emitting household appliances!  We all have to take responsibility.  We must strive to live as close to the nature as possible.  We must curtail our wants to a bare minimum.

Astrologically, the swearing-in of George.W.Bush was not auspicious.  It would be a good idea to consider deviating from the mindless adherence to Jan 20th as swearing-in date without taking other astrological factors into consideration.  The swearing-in ceremony of important functionaries can have critical impact on the fortunes of the lands over which they have control.  It is for this reason that ancient monarchs were very particular about selecting the most appropriate time for their coronation ceremonies.  Ofcourse, I do not claim that all natural disasters can be prevented, but, definitely the extent of their devastation can be minimized if proper astrological consideration is given to such important government functions like a swearing-in ceremony.  Also, the karma of a ruler rubs on the populace.  If the ruler acts with vested interests in his mind, then surely such selfishness on the part of the ruler causes a great negative karma that could converge on the helpless citizens of his regime.  Whatever reasons the President had for invasion of Iraq, his unilateral decision to go ahead without respecting the considered views of intelligensia and leaders around the world is a bad karma.  The blood and tears shed by innocents in the middle-east is a bad karma. (Any war precipitates untold sufferings to the populace.  So, wars should be avoided to the extent possible.  Iraq war was the result of the ego of George Bush more than the stated motive of freeing Iraq from the clutches of an authoritarian regime.)  All these negative karmas call for balance.  Atleast in the future, such mindless activities should be avoided.


Those who have not been affected by the hurricanes should offere helping hand to the victims.  This is a good karma that will erase much of the negative karma that surrounds the American civilization.  Emphathize with the victims, do what little you can do to help atleast 1 family, or atleast 1 person.  Be tolerant to the displaced populace who might have likely crowded in your locality causing increased expenditure to the local community, besides other complications.  Kindly remember, it could have happened to anyone.  We are lucky to be out of the way of destruction.  Do what you can to make them feel at home… those poor people who have lost almost everything to nature’s fury.    Meanwhile, let us all pray that Mighty God grant all those who are affected with the strength to face their unfortunate circumstances boldly.  Let the souls of those who perished rest in peace.