Illuminati and Satanic Symbolism Featured in Flaunt Magazine’s Photo Shoot

Flaunt Magazine is a fashion-culture publication that makes a point to touch upon the controversial issues and ideas related to art, music, fashion and film. Known for earning high accolades for its editorial, art, and print design, the magazine also has a history of pushing the envelope with some of its content and imagery. In a recent photo shoot involving entertainer Sharon Needles, it’s clear that the magazine isn’t afraid to incorporate blatant Illuminati and Satanic symbolism.

The Sharon Needles Photoshoot

Earning the distinction of ‘America’s Next Drag Superstar’ on the reality TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, entertainer Sharon Needles appears in a solo photo shoot in Flaunt magazine, which does nothing to hide the intentions of the imagery. The photo shoot is called ‘Hail Satan,’ and all of the imagery that follows provides a great deal of blatant nods to the Illuminati…and Satan.

One of the first photos you’ll encounter in the magazine is Needles wearing ‘Devil horns,’ a scene that also channels Baphomet – a known figure of the occult and Satanism.

One of the ‘poses’ that continuously appears in the photo shoots of entertainers is the single-eye symbolism, where the photographed is pictured with one eye covered. While props (such as hair, hats and other objects) have been used to cover the eye, the entertainer typically uses his or her hand. It’s a trend that has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and is also associated with the Illuminati (the reference to the all-seeing eye that is seen in most pyramid imagery). On more than one occasion in the photo shoot, Sharon Needles deliberately has one eye covered.

Another instance where Flaunt magazine has used controversial imagery incorporates supermodel Naomi Campbell in a cover shoot.

The Flaunt cover featuring Naomi Campbell in 2009 is dripping with religious symbolism and questionable imagery that has some interpreting the piece in many different ways. Oftentimes, symbolism associated with secret societies (like the Illuminati) are hidden in plain view for the public to absorb and accept. The tagline featured on the front of the magazine cover is “The Eden Issue: Nothing Lasts Forever” and the David LaChapelle piece is called ‘The Rape of Africa.’ Purchasers of the magazine will open the flap to reveal an exposed breast of the model. The inside scene looks chaotic, and we see:

  • A gold cross lies on the side of a lounging, close-to-nude male model.
  • A baby goat stands beside Campbell – they grow up to become the horned creatures that are often associated with Satan.
  • An angelic child wearing a crown is also holding a semi-automatic weapon, while another child wears a conquistador hat with a rocket launcher in hand.

A hole in the center of the scene reveals a desolate, barren, land outside with dark clouds – reminiscent of how some describe the End of Times.