Illuminati Symbolism of the AMA (American Music Awards) & NFL Half-Time Show

Illuminati-related symbolism seem to pop up everywhere. One of the most popular ways that such symbols are spread across the masses is during large important events where certain entertainers have access to a widespread audience. From the Grammy Awards to MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) to the American Music Awards (AMA) to even a halftime show of an NFL football game, it’s not uncommon to see references to pyramids, single eye symbolism, and questionable hand gestures.

Selena Gomez Thanksgiving Day NFL Half-Time Show Performance

Most recently, Selena Gomez performed during the half-time show of the Thanksgiving Day NFL match-up between Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders. As she danced across a stage flanked by backup dancers mimicking her moves, she served as part of the kick off for the Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle campaign. Interestingly, there was one gesture glaringly used over and over again –although it looks like an Indian dance gesture, at times, it appears as the ‘666’ hand gesture.

The sign is made when the thumb and the three upper sections of the sixes are created by the positioning of the remaining fingers.

Gomez and her dancers repeatedly used the sign, and it wasn’t a specific gesture that accompanied a specific song – it was a gesture incorporated throughout her entire set.

Rihanna’s Performance at the American Music Awards

Rihanna has a reputation for being a suspected Illuminati princess, and there is rarely an appearance that goes by where the singer does not flash a sign associated with the occult or the Illuminati. During a performance for the 2013 American Music Awards, Rihanna managed to incorporate the ‘666’ hand gesture.

Another common symbol that Rihanna uses is the ‘pyramid’ (made by using two hands to form an upright triangle shape) – it’s the visual logo representation of ‘the Roc’ – the record label of Jay-Z, to which she is a part of. For many years, people have debated whether this symbol is an intentional show of support for the Illuminati. It’s a contagious gesture that sees many entertainers in the music industry, as well as many fans, mimicking the sign.

Miley Cyrus’ Performance at the AMAs

Miley Cyrus performed her hit ‘Wrecking Ball’ by taking a bold odd visual take with the song that seemed to impress music critics and social media. In the background, a crying cat lip-syncs the lyrics, and in one instance, the cat flashes a one-eye pose – the single-eye symbolism that Cyrus has been embracing quite a bit lately.  

This isn’t the first year that Illuminati symbolism has been incorporated into the AMAs, as other performers have been guilty of embracing single eye (or all-seeing eye) symbolism, pyramids, the occult, and other related gestures, such as:

•    An all-seeing eye flashes on a screen behind Kesha as she dances during her performance of ‘Die Young ‘ at the American Music Awards.

•    When Taylor Swift performed ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ for the 2012 AMAs, she incorporated an occult Devil horns. During the performance, you can also see the singer positioning at the center of a pyramid stage.