Immunotech Laboratories Shows Promise in Developing Cure for HIV ”“ Brings Back Memories of Conspiracy Theories

Last week, a California-based company situated in Pasadena has announced that their technology will make strides in the future for curing HIV and cancer. Immunotech Laboratories, Inc. has furnished clinical testing results regarding both the HIV and cancer sectors for terminal patients who used patented “IPF” vaccine treatments. Any news about HIV and AIDS brings back bad memories for conspiracy theorists who believe nefarious sources are behind the disease in the first place.

The origination of the HIV and the AIDS virus has been tied to a handful of suspected culprits. From the chimpanzees in Africa theory to the belief that the disease was an issue amongst the homosexual population, for years, people have been looking for someone to blame. A lingering theory is that the disease was man-made, with some believing that it was deliberately released onto the world. Was the U.S. government a part of spreading the AIDS epidemic? Did the New World Order have a hand in targeting a specific demographic of people?

For those that did not embrace the widely held belief that a primate virus jumped species (which led to HIV and AIDS), they sided with their own theories. A reoccurring viewpoint is that the virus was created to specifically target a particular group of people ”“ in regards to ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation.
Common theories include:

”¢    Some believe that the Soviet KGB created the viruses, and then pointed the finger at the CIA as the culprit behind spreading of the disease.

”¢    According to Edward Hooper, who wrote ‘The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV-AIDS,’ HIV may have been spread when a virologist working on a polio vaccine (that used a kidney culture from a chimpanzee) hastily created and tested his oral medication. The mass vaccination was OK’ed by the pharmaceutical company’s desire to beat Dr. Salk and Dr. Sabin in marketing the first commercial polio vaccine.

”¢    Some feel that the World Health Organization is controlled by the New World Order, and that they are responsible for creating the AIDS epidemic by giving contaminated vaccines under the guise of a smallpox eradication program. They feel this was done purposefully so that the connection to AIDS would lead back to Africa.

”¢    Others believe scientists working for the U.S. military concocted HIV at Fort Detrick around 1977 by splicing the Visna and HTLV viruses. Tests were conducted on prison inmates who agreed to be injected with the virus in exchange for an early release. When they left the prison, the virus spread and became prevalent within the homosexual community.

”¢    Another theory is that the AIDS virus was a part of bio warfare research associated with the United States government. The virus was thought to be slated to decrease the population of blacks, homosexuals, and other social groups.

”¢    According to Dr. Alan Cantwell (who wrote a book regarding the link between doctors and the AIDs virus), HIV may have been a genetically modified virus cultivated by U.S. government scientists purposefully introduced into the gay and bisexual community as an experiment pertaining to hepatitis B between 1978 and 1981 in cities, such as Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

”¢    The AIDS virus could have been created at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, if you listen to the theories of Dr. Gary Glum, who believes it was all part of a population-control plan of the Illuminati and the New World Order.

As for the Immunotech treatments, results showed that the number of infected cells was significantly reduced while leaving non-infected cells alone. The treatments also showed promise in jumpstarting the regeneration process of the body’s natural immune system. The company has attracted the attention of others around the world, and a significant order for the patented HIV vaccine has been placed so that they could use as an ‘experimental drug.’