Impressions of the 1996 ISNE Conference

Impressions of the 1996 ISNE Conference

Willis Winters and I drove up to Denver on Wednesday. Norman, Jack and Leonard could not make it so I was afraid I’d have to do it alone, god I hate driving!! But when I found Willis was going, we just decided to split it, worked out very well as Willis is a good guy with lots of interesting information. My god, he’s 71 years old and looks like he’s about 60, gets around very well also. We split a room with John Hefling of Kansas City, you know John, we all worked on Don Smith’s machine at the 94′ Tesla conference. All together, the hotel room was $60 each for 3 days….can’t beat it!! I drove to Plainview where Willis lives and we just went on from there to Denver.

We arrived in Colorado Springs about 9AM and stopped by the Tesla Museum. There were a couple of folks in there but since they don’t formally open until 10AM and JW wasn’t there, we went to have breakfast. Would you believe the cafe did not have a Denver omelette on the menu and the owner and cook did not know how to make one? That was a hoot, so I ‘instructed’ them….<g>..

About 10:20, we went back to the Museum and JW was there. He showed us the extensions of the building and the place looks a heckuva lot more organized than on our last visit in 1994. We sat at a conference table and talked about the O/U competition. JW says they will support it but had decided to ‘adopt’ the idea and do one of their own!! He

says a guy from Alaska called about his 30 year old son who had developed a circuit that would produce over-unity and the power company was baffled by it. He said it was suitcase sized and the fellow wanted to bring it to the 1996 ITS. We talked a bit more, though JW was quite busy with incoming phone calls and he had to leave to do the radio show. So we walked around the museum, then went to the bookstore. I ended up buying $150 worth and Willis bought about $70 worth of books. A good haul, thanks to credit cards…<g>..

We left Colorado Springs about 11:30 and had to go to the Denver airport to pick up John at 1:30. That flippin airport is about 15 miles out in the counntry, a lot like DFW as to layout and those teepees look like they were designed by a drunken Indian archetect, however, inside, it was quite nice and well laid out. John had been friendly to this Aussie girl who was coming back from South Padre with her 4 pet crabs, so she asked if we could drop her off at the Tech Center where the Hilton hotel was. No problem, so we hauled her luggage and crabs (lots of jokes about that) to the car and took her to the hotel. We then took John out to eat as he was starving.

We checked into the room and got 3 keys, then went down to the lobby to register for the conference. I registered for 4 workshops at $20 each – Al Zielinski on his gravity shield/aether tap experiments, Dennis Cravens on the Patterson Fuel Cell, Paul Pantone on his pollution free engine modification and Greg Olowski on the Rory Johnson Ro-Mag engine.

The conference ended up being really good though I had hoped Bill Hyde would be there, he did not show. I think it is the camaraderie of the folks attending that makes it a lot of fun, no one stuck up on themselves or their ‘advanced knowledge.’

Thursday night, I went to the Paul Pantone workshop. He has a way of modifying an engine to run on just about anything and producing ZERO POLLUTION. He said it would run on as much as 92% seawater and the muffler would get white hot! He’s been on this for about 15 years now and can’t get anyone interested in it because they either want it ALL or nothing, and don’t seem to want to use if for a specific application as Paul would like to see. He said it could run on crude oil, mixtures of water, liquified old tires, radioactive waste material, battery acid, just about anything. I will have all the information I got from him typed up and posted in the near future, both on the KeelyNet BBS and on the web site.

The key to Pantone’s process is a vacuum which helps to burn the fuel. He says he creates a kind of negative pressure. I had to go to the room about 9:10PM because I kept falling off to sleep after the very long drive from Dallas.

Harold Aspden spoke on Friday morning and said some really intriguing things relating to aether, but I’ll have to get the video to extract some of the juicy parts. His main references were to inertia and how spinning masses tend to accrue drag as the spin continues. A puzzling phenomenon with many possible explanations such as heat, wear on the bearings, expansion, back emf or even something as bizarre as aether recoupling in the form of ‘inertia.’

Moray King gave an energetic presentation where he talked about the Super Tube. In a later meeting in the hallway, we went up to his room where he gave me a copy of his Super Tube paper, we talked a bit and I left. He said thanks for a packet of papers I copied for him as sent to me by Steve Hall (of Electric Spacecraft Journal). He used two of the patents in the Super Tube paper. The coolest thing in his lecture was something he called a PCM (pulse current module) that converts high voltage spikes into useable energy. You will see it in the Super Tube book and I plan to draw it up and post it as a .GIF. It has uses in many aspects of F/E, O/U research.

After that, the rest of the presentations just did not fire me up as I was looking forward to Pierre Sinclairs talk on the David Hamel magnetic disk.

Friday night was the Al Zielinski workshop. He is the guy from Germany and the same one Flanagan had met. I went to his lecture and had already bought a ticket to his ‘workshop’ for $20 just cause I hoped he might drop some useful nuggets…..not so. Although we met briefly in the lobby on Thursday where I told him Flanagan had mentioned him, he would not provide any information and seemed to be unusually secretive. I could not tell if it was because he did not really have anything to impart or was just under some kind of proprietary restriction. In that case, why even talk?

At the workshop, he did talk about aether interference and used the idea of an inflow of gravity. To illustrate the force of gravity raining down and around us by virtue of being aether pressures, he used the idea of successively larger domino blocks all leading up to the Statue of Freedom (woops, his words) of LIBERTY!! If you tip over this very small domino, it will topple a slightly larger (and heavier) one, eventually, it will topple the domino that is equal in size to the Statue of Liberty.

Very similar to the swing idea of resonance, but this one is from the accumulated force of gravity. In his workshop, he said they (his 20 year old spook group in Germany) had developed a ‘gravity shield’. He drew a diagram of a bomb with a solid iron head. Attached to this head was what he said was a solid state (electronic) gravity shield that reduced the aether pressure in one direction. As a result of this reduction, a ‘vacuum’ is created and the bomb moves in the direction of the shield by virtue of the aether repulsion to fill the void from the artificial vacuum.

As to how to tap electricity from this force, he would not say or even hint, taking the same attitude as he had when I met him in the lobby on our arrival on Thursday. One guy stood up and said he felt defrauded because Zielinski had provided no model, slides, or anything beyond generally understood theories and concepts. Another guy offered to pay the complainer $20 to shut up and leave, but he did have a point.

I had to agree with the defrauded guy and asked Zielinksi what he WOULD tell us, especially since this was an ‘energy’ conference, ergo, as in ‘the production of’. He said he could not say ANYTHING because of his partners. However, earlier, he had said that Wardenclyffe (Tesla’s sight in New York) would put out a very high potential electrostatic bubble which would cause earthquakes due to a reduction in the gravity in the ground. Never heard that one before.

I think he is really confused because the Colorado Springs tests never had earthquakes and Wardenclyffe was NEVER finished enough to light up because Morgan pulled the funding. I think he got the mechanical resonator part of it confused with the attempts to establish the global power wave.

I then asked if he was implying that the gravity shield must then use alternating high voltage to produce the necessary aether interference to shield the gravity. He declined to comment and diverted to another subject, saying aether could be modulated by mind force.

When another guy in the audience questioned him about this, he referred to the Vedic Sciences. Zielinski says he goes to India once each year to study and learn from their knowledge and that it really humbles you. When asked for details on his idea of how aether could be influenced by mental control, he said the Vedas speak of 10 holes in the body – two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth, one urine opening, one solid waste opening and the third eye/pineal gland.

Zielinski says the Vedas instruct you to close all of the 9 holes so that all your attention will be directed towards this tenth hole (the third eye/pineal gland). Once you are ‘there’ as to consciousness being focussed on the third eye, you begin to sense the presence of aether flows. Once you become aware of them, you can learn to direct them by will. That was intriguing in light of Keely’s reference to a ‘cerebellic field projection’ which he calls the ‘sympathetic attendant.’ In Keely’s case, he was hinting at how machines could be influenced to run by mental processes as crazy as it sounds. But when you consider that we are essentially matter being driven by mental energies, whose to say the ‘ectoplasm’ as produced by spiritualists could not be projected into non-living matter?

As for Zielinski’s workshop, I think there were 3 interesting comments that were of any real interest to me;

1) aether interference to produce the propulsion and shielding of gravity

2) alternating high voltage as being at least a part of the technique

3) the closing of the 9 holes to awaken the 10th for mental linkage

Saturday, the hottest ticket BY FAR, in fact the best thing at the conference was Pierre Sinclair and his presentation of the David Hamel flying machine. Pierre did a superb job, very enthusiastic, animated and organized. People kept coming into the darkened room as word spread of his presentation and what it was all about. The room was only about two thirds full but had filled up with people standing against the wall once they realized what Pierre was talking about.

Friday, Pierre asked me to introduce him since we knew each other from the 2nd Keely Conference back in 1989. He gave me a prepared intro which I read and added to at the presentation. After the presentation, I had to compliment him on what a wonderful job he’d done.

So for my money, Pierre was the King of the Conference, because of the outstanding material and presentation. If you are interested in state of the art flying disks, you really need to get a copy of the superb book “the Granite Man and the Butterfly” by Jeanne Manning and Pierre Sinclair. It is available for $12 from PACE and their address is 100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8, Canada, Voice phone is (613) 236-6265 and FAX is (613) 235-5876. Tell Dr. Michrowski you got the info from KeelyNet. They also publish an informative newsletter for $40 US.

In speaking with Pierre on Friday, I told him what I had been told at the 94′ conference. He said it was inaccurate. The fact of the matter was that Hamel had built a self-suspended magnet disk which DID NOT ROTATE. Instead, it was in a sealed 45 gallon drum. He did seal the cap and went off to bed. Later, he saw this evil red light, like a fire, coming from the room. Running in to check it out, he saw beams of red light coming out of this 45 gallon drum. Before he got into the room, the thing exploded. The magnets on the levitating disc kept trying to find the best position of repulsion/attraction. This caused lot of micro-vibration which produced some kind of major energy. The whole thing indicates their is serious phenomena about magnets which is unsuspected at present.

The slides leading up to the actual unexpected flight, with photos showing the thing taking off in the blackness of night are EXACTLY like just about every ‘light-in-the-sky’ UFO photo I’ve ever seen.

Pierre said Hamel had the saucer disc on a platform about 10 feet tall. Late one night, he had climbed a 10 foot ladder and was peering into the machine while it was beginning to rotate. It started glowing green and he realized something was happening, which caused him to jump to the ground. Within minutes, the disc started glowing and shot up into the air. Hamel ran into the house and got his Brownie camera, with which he took about 5 photos before the machine flew out of sight. But those photos are exactly like your typical UFO with the entrained plasma.

The next lecture on Saturday afternoon that particularly got my interest was George Wiseman. Based on some of our KeelyNet guys reports on Wisemans books, I bought about 8 of them at ITS in Colorado. Wiseman was investigating tapping into atmospheric energies using a bridge rectifier composed of .2 volt diodes feeding into a capacitor. He reported an accumulation of 1 volt per hour, though by hooking a battery powered frequency generator to the positive side of the capacitor, he could increase that by about 100%. He also found that by touching the positive terminal of the battery, another increase in power accumulation was noted. I have the very simple circuit that I will write a paper on. There were numerous experimenters in the past who claimed to be able to pull large volumes of power from the air and I applaud Wiseman for sparking interest in this again (no pun intended).

Although I had a ticket for Dennis Cravens workshop, I did not make it in favor of personal networking. I was told he tried to demonstrate a Patterson Cell but something went wrong and it did not work as it should. The whole cold fusion thing just does not get me too excited because of so many anomalies and the fact that it requires replacement elements and water. I’d rather devote my time and energies to the solid state wonder circuit that will directly tap the ZPE.

Earlier, I had asked Gene Mallove if he knew of any continous tests of a cold fusion cell, Patterson or whoever, for 3 or 6 months. He said none that he knew of because the elements tend to transmute and contaminate the process. Either way, whether you get transmutation or energy, I think the cold fusion experiments are still worth pursuing by others as an advanced and high power fuel cell. But for me, its the dream of a solid state device.

On Sunday, I stepped in shortly for the Griggs Hydrosonic presentation and he had some wonderful tables and charts with slides of the machine and workshop. Rather than use the term of over-unity, they had long ago chosen to use the COP (coefficient of performance) which is a technical way of saying the thing puts out more than it takes to run.

As with the claims many of us had heard, Griggs says it out and out, the Griggs Hydrosonic device is definitely over-unity in the form of excess heat. The key of course, is cavitation and sonoluminescence which Griggs says shows up as a blue mist on the steam output nozzle. Imagine, steam from simply counter-rotating water to produce shear.

While Griggs was on stage, he said next year they would bring a working device to the conference so all could see and if the parameters of the O/U Competition were changed, they would probably win. (that is assuming nothing else beats their COP..<g>..)

Dale Pond reported on his project of trying to duplicate Keely’s Dynasphere or Musical Globe. I am confused about this merging of these terms as they were different devices to my understanding. Dale is trying something that is quite novel and which he believes to be on the right track. He is using a Brown’s gas mixture which he hopes will become entrained with the rotating globe. I don’t think it is anywhere near correct, but more power to him and at least he is doing something tangible. As I was talking with a lady at the door, I jokingly said it won’t work and she said several folks had said the same thing and left. I saw a picture of the machine and it looks very clean and professionally built. Perhaps this approach might yield further understandings as Dale says he has learned more about the details of Keely’s claims in the past 6 months than in the past 6 years.

Gene Mallove gave a highly entertaining and informative keynote address at the Sunday banquet. Essentially a history of cold fusion with its army of detractors and how they still deny there is anything going on. It was here that Gene referred to Hal Fox as his mentor and that we should all treasure Hal as a ‘National Monument’, which gave everyone including Hal a chuckle but which Gene corrected to ‘National Treasure.’

Jeanne Manning did an informative presentation on how the coming energy revolution would affect all of us. Though I did not hear the entire lecture, I was intrigued by some of the answers the audience provided when Jeanne asked them how they felt the energy revolution would change our world. Henry Curtis said he envisioned the ripping up of pavements and highways as we developed flying machines and over-unity sources. The world would then be able to spread out into areas currently unused as well as colonization offworld. This would help the planet recover by an offloading or redistribution of population.

The second really fabulous speaker at this conference with hot new information was inventor Gerald Orlowski. I was pretty much blown away by his comments on magnet energy and how it could be produced in a bubble form, ripped apart and reassembled. In particular, Orlowski referred to the discoveries of his late mentor, Rory Johnson and the RoMag motor. We are expecting more details which will be posted publicly in the very near future. The applications of this new magnetic understanding covers all areas of science and engineering.

Orlowski told a short story about a document which had supposedly come from the White House and been given to him in the 1970’s. If you are old enough to recall, that was the decade when OPEC upped oil prices by reducing production levels. Orlowski says the paper reported major increases in home experimentation in the United States in the areas of alternative energy. These included water, wind, solar, thermal and alternative such as over-unity.

The US arranged a meeting with the OPEC members where they explained this sudden surge in experimentation that could possibly lead to a major breakthrough that would be RAPIDLY adopted in the states and eventually worldwide. Additionally, because there was so much experimentation, the US could not monitor EVERYONE working in these fields and so the discovery could come anytime and they would not know until it had spread like wildfire and was unstoppable.

If such an alternative energy production method were discovered and adopted by most people, OPEC would have NOTHING TO SELL as no one would want to buy oil for fuel. Once they understood this, the oil production was increased the prices dropped.

Isn’t this an intriguing story? And does it not apply to what is happening right now? The Over-Unity Competition is now online if you want to help MAKE THIS HAPPEN in your lifetime, maybe EVEN by next year!

Joe Tyls and Saul Pressman were down from Canada with their friends Norman and Steve. We spent some time together swapping stories and other information. They too picked up on the importance of Orlowski’s information and we rushed to get copies of his drawings after the presnetation. It was a shame that Orlowski was only given 55 minutes as he had to skip many of his slides. I had bought a ticket for his workshop that night, but he was not informed he was to give a workshop and their plane left early that evening. ISNE refunded those of us who had paid for this workshop but I would have paid $50 to hear his full presentation as it was so fascinating and NEW.

Dean Stonier of Global Sciences was also there on a couple of days as well as was Steve Elsewicke, late of ITS. Steve had a table where he was selling books and subscriptions to his new magazine, Exotic Research.

Tom Bearden gave a well-attended talk on “Regauging and Multivalue Potentials” using the Takahashi and Kawai motors as examples. I had promised to take him to dinner but we never got together beyond brief hellos in the hallways. Tom was in much demand by various people wanting to speak with him.

Some of the hallway and restaurant networking small talk led to a couple of contacts who I have known for many years now asking if I’d heard of a device that was supposed to put out 1500 HP and run on its own. They called it a CEACU.

The story was that a guy somewhere in Ohio or Iowa had built a machine that shot jets of fluid through a nozzle at high pressures. When the rotation and pressure reached a certain level, the thing began to run on its own and produce power. This sounded suspiciously familiar and I asked if the guy was the late Richard Clem of Flower Mound, Texas. They said no and let me see the plans.

Sure enough, about the 5th page, there was the drawing I had made about 5 years ago from discussions with Albert Holman of our local Roundtable group. These were plans from the Creative Science group, but they did not include any of the newspaper articles or descriptions of who really invented the device as is documented on KeelyNet. The plans sell for about $60.

Essentially it is a fat disk with nozzles on the edge pointing outward. A hollow shaft feeds water into the center of the disk where it is centrifugally driven outwards. Initially by a 3200 psi air tank to get the disk up to 1000 rpm, where they claim it will become self-running at that speed, very similar to the original inventors claims.

The original CLEM engine used cooking oil as it ran at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The file is available on the KeelyNet BBS as CLEM.ZIP and will soon be added to the www.keelynet.com website.

The entire process is startlingly reminescent of Schaubergers vortex research but without all the complicated spirals. Schauberger had a free energy ‘egg-shaped’ device which he called a ZokWendle. There are also other correlations which lend validity to this device.

Coincidentally enough, a later contact said he had found an unpublished manuscript by Renato Vesco (author of Intercept but don’t shoot, about UFOs and Nazi technology). This manuscript was found in a junk shop, is written in Italian and purchased for $1.00.

The manuscript purports to show how the Germans built miniature Zokwendle ‘eggs’ to provide power for the flying devices called ‘FOO fighters’. This has always been a puzzle to us, how the FOO fighters, small as they were, generated enough power to provide their lift and the ionization of their circulating plasma. What details we have are provided in various files on KeelyNet.

Imagine a small egg-shaped device, circulating a fluid at extremely high velocities. Some of that fast moving fluid is used to drive a generator to produce electrical energy which sustains a reasonable load such as your microwave, oven, washer/dryer, air conditioner, heater, TV, computer, toaster or automobile.

Sunday afternoon, since there was nothing else going on, we gathered John up, dropped him off at the Denver Airport and headed back home. Beyond missing time, UFO sightings, time dilations and dimensional shifts, nothing untoward happened on the trip. Have a nice day!

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