Induced psycho- kinesis

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Induced psycho- kinesis

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November 28, 1990

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Induced Psycho-Kinesis

written by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet

(information for this file partly derived from the November 27, 1990 Sun tabloid, page 35)

Of course, some of the articles the tabloids print are known to be imaginary, yet they periodically come up with some very interesting articles. One in particular caught my interest. Due to copyright laws, we cannot print the entire article although it can be so “rearranged” as to bypass the problem.

The name of the article is ‘Man hit by lightning makes object fly’ on page 35.

It tells the story of a Russian citizen, Sergei Rostov who claims to have been struck by lightning on 8 separate occasions. An international symposium was held on “unexplained phenomena” in Oslo, Norway where Mr. Rostov demonstrated his psycho-kinetic abilities.

It is claimed that he can levitate objects by consciously directing his thoughts. Mr. Rostov is now 48 years of age. The lightning first struck him at age 9, again at 12, twice in his 20’s, twice in his 30’s, and twice on the same day in 1988.

Shortly after the last episode, he noticed that he could simply think of something being moved and it would come to pass. The article does not state if he must mentally place the object in the desired location or actually work out the sequences of up, move sideways (whatever) and down in steps much akin to animation.

There are intriguing possibilities arising from such an ability. Could something be “teleported” if it were mentally imaged? Indeed, could something be “materialized” if a suitably stable pattern were sustained? Could time be altered or light be bent at will?

Would it be possible to move things at a distance, assuming the operator were familiar with the surroundings at the target location? Is it possible to stop someones heart or block blood flow to the brain with a proper image of the sequence or desired end result?

Is it possible that such stimulation could engender the development

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of new abilities within the human brain? Could this be attributed to an extension of the conscious mind into the 90% of the brain said to be “unused” by the conscious brain?

The article on KeelyNet entitled VEDA1 postulates just such an “extension of consciousness” through controlled stimulation and artificial pumping of the “cerebellic field” (to use Keely’s term).

The brain is composed of the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata. Of these the medulla transforms the very weak electrical signals of the cerebellum and cerebrum into signals capable of operating the senses and muscles in the body.

The medulla can be likened to the coil windings of a solenoid. It has the highest amount of magnetism in the body besides that generated by the heart.

Experiments carried out on the Russian lady Kulagina showed that her medulla put off waves of pulsing magnetic energy much stronger than that of the Earth’s natural magnetic field. This ONLY occurred when she was performing her psycho-kinetic demonstrations. Based on this, it is obvious that the effect is consciously controllable.

In the case of pre-pubescent children, massive hormonal fluctuations sometimes cause the psychic manifestations classified as “poltergeist” activity. This is a result of “un-directed” psycho- kinetic energy.

The VEDA1 article indicates that the body could be so “stimulated” through repeated and controlled electrical surges that possibly the medulla might form a stronger link with the cerebellic and/or cerebric instructions.

There is much work to be done in this area with a focus on repeatability and what it takes to initiate the first results. Perhaps this is one of the steps in mankinds further evolution.

The Siddhi powers must surely use such an “awakening” of ability with the intense training being simply a process of training the operator to “map” the abilities. This would prevent the uncontrollable events as experienced in poltergeist activity.

In addition, it would not be acceptable for people working in such areas to have such little control of their emotions that the mere thought of death or damage directed at another person or an object would occur just from an unrestrained thought. ——————————————————————–

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