Infant and Children Herbal Treatments: Insomnia

From a congested chest to a nasty case of constipation, the little bodies of infants and children can only take so much before they start to exhibit the symptoms for typical childhood ailments. For parents that do not wish to treat their children using prescription medications, natural herb concoctions have provided relief from difficulty sleeping to painful skin rashes. In this article, you will learn how to use German chamomile to treat teething issues.


Many babies can experience problems with their sleep problems that can keep parents on their toes throughout the night. The results aren’t very healthy for baby (or parents). This issue is commonplace in many children. Perhaps your child is too hot or too cold. Your baby could be overexcited and find it difficult to calm down. A wet diaper could keep your child from getting a good night’s rest, as well as going through their teething stage. To treat insomnia and contributing complaints using herbs, consider the following suggestions:

German Chamomile
You can either use German chamomile or linden to create an infusion to treat insomnia. Give your child one to two cups of the infusion right before bedtime.

German Chamomile
Administer an infusion made out of German chamomile to ease the symptoms of teething that keeps your child awake during the night.

Slippery Elm
Create a paste out of slippery elm and a German chamomile infusion to soothe painful teething that contributes to insomnia. Rub on the gums to achieve relieve.


Some children avoid experiencing an earache in their childhood, but other youngsters suffer continuous bouts of an inflamed ear canal. To treat ear pain, break open a garlic oil capsule and place one drop on a cotton ball. Plug the cotton ball into the ear.

Constipation and Diarrhea

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Sometimes, a baby can suffer dehydration and battle a case of constipation, while too much liquid or a bacteria in their system can cause diarrhea to strike. To treat constipation, mix one teaspoon of linseed or slippery elm with one glass of water and give to your child each day. Create an infusion out of 15 grams of either agrimony or common plantain and mix with ½ liter of water. Administer up to two cups per day.


Don’t forget that when using herbal remedies to treat young children, it is not suggested to administer any natural remedies to babies under 6 months old without seeking the advice of a doctor first. If any child should experience a severe case of diarrhea, vomiting, fever with convulsions, breathing problems, excessive drowsiness, or let out a high-pitched cry , it is important to immediately seek professional attention or advice.