Interdimentional Travel and Belief of The Binding Light

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You said you had no PHYSICAL proof, which leads me to believe that you might have some none physical proof e.g. eye witnesses.
Many people claim to travel inter-dimensionally. Duncan Cameron and Al Beliek are the two survivors from the Philadelphia experiment who spoke openly about it. Many witches, psychics, and meditation experts claim they can travel to other dimensions. Even Buddhist Monks have there stories about Travel outside the physical body

(on another note if this were true then there wouldn’t be many pure souls from this planet getting through).


Anyway my point is who found out these rules?

These rules were written before Jesus Christ walked the Earth. Ancient Remains Tell a vivid story of Life, Ascension, Immortality, and Spiritual Unity. These Rules were written in the bible and the tales have been told for centuries.
As the bible states, First Man was NOT Self Aware… When adam and eve were made, they had no guilt, no need for clothes, no worries, and were harmonious. But when Adam and Eve were punished for eating the forbidden fruit, they became self aware. They put on clothes, and Inherited a Human Body. Perhaps it might not have happened exactly like that, But the Bible was written for US to understand and guide our lives to salvation. Individuals who love life, and have faith will be chosen.

Couldn’t that just mean people begin hallucinating? Also you say that doctors can alter this frequency so if the earth starts changing it then isn’t it possible that we all go insane?

Yes. Insanity Is Defined as “afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement”. Someone who doesn’t think like most humans do in considered insane. Insanity is nothing more than viewing reality in an altered state.

why aren’t people born with the ability to do these amazing things. Also from the many people who have stepped forward to say they have psychic power I have never heard of any being able to actually prove this under conditions.?

Many authentic people choose not to go for fame and riches. There are a-lot of proven cases of humans possessing unexplainable abilities.

Why can’t we live another 50 years under durrent conditions? Things aren’t that bad! I also have to disagree that our brains can grow in 50 years to meet whatever problems we may have.

I was being lenient on the number of years. I personally don’t think we can make it another 10 years, never mind another 50. Only time will tell

I don’t know what you mean in the last paragraph…

This is hard to describe but I will try.. Religion is real. Each and everyone of us have energy surrounding our bodies. That’s a fact. When positive energies are combined, Mass Power is Generated… And this power (if strong enough) can make our reality change forever. This is why we gather to pray

these are my best answers for the questions. These are also my opinion, but I am open for further analysis and discussion[/quote]